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Cubase Elicenser Activation Code Keygen !LINK!

I just purchased the Yamaha MX61 which came with the Cubase AI6 software. Included in the package was the activation code for Steinberg Prologue which I entered into the elicense control centre and in my Steinberg account. But everytime I try to activate Cubase AI6 it asks for an activation code. But the only code I have with the package is for Prologue. I tried going to the links that Joel shared, but they no longer work. Please help!!!

cubase elicenser activation code keygen


I could well be wrong here but it looks to me that the activation code has already been entered and is stored on your dongle key or e-licenser. You do not need to reenter this code again. If what I am saying is the case then you simply plug the licenser key or dongle into your computer and load up Cubase on your computer. Not sure but you may have to load the e-licenser software as well. Or it may be that Cubase does that upon installation. But the bottom line is you should be good to go with dongle plugged in.

Please note, If you registered the previous license it will auto fill your previous registered activation code in the old activation code field. Once the new Soft e-Licenser and old activation code fields are complete select Reactivate. This will provide you with a new 32 character activation code(s) for any license(s) you need to reactivate.

Getting the activation number is confusing. What I got in my email after updating was an activation/download code. After poking around I figured out that I had to paste that code into a box on mysteinberg account and that returned the activation code.

Ok, I find the activation code and put it in. But the upgrade License button is grayed out. There is a red zero with a line through it on my USB licenses and soft licenser as well. It is no license to upgrade selectable. No license to upgrade found. Please connect a USB ELcenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer. 350c69d7ab


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