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Where To Buy Cucumber Vodka Fixed

Fresh cucumbers are cold distilled under vacuum in our 20-liter Rotary Evaporator, resulting in a spirit that is clean and crisp. No extracts or flavorings. Just fresh, ripe cucumbers that are hand-selected and distilled through modern science in small 5-gallon batches to preserve their delicate flavor.

where to buy cucumber vodka


Ever wanted to make your own flavored vodka? This cucumber vodka recipe is so easy to follow, and can be used to make all kinds of cocktails. Skip the store bought stuff and make your own for cocktails like cucumber mojitos, vodka sodas, and martinis.

I'm not much of a vodka connoisseur (I prefer some flavor in my spirits!), but I love making infused vodka. You can turn a bottle of vodka into a flavorful mixer with fruit or fresh herbs, and build your own craft mixology kit by making a few different flavors like cucumber, berry, or hibiscus (flor de jamaica) by following the same instructions.

This cucumber vodka is a good place to start because it's refreshing, and so much more delicious than any kind you can buy in the store (which tastes closer to Bath & Body Works lotion than anything you'd want to imbibe).

Once it's ready, strain out the cucumber pieces and store in a clean bottle or jar in a cool, dry place or in the fridge until ready to use. It's not necessary to keep it refrigerated because the alcohol will prevent mold growth, but it tastes best chilled.

This infused cucumber vodka is so easy to make with fresh cucumbers, and tastes so much better than the store bought kind. Use it to make cocktails such as cucumber mojitos and cucumber vodka martinis.

Hi Cristobal, the seeds will add a mild bitterness, though not as much as the peel. I usually scoop them out since the insides of the cucumber will make it more difficult to cleanly strain out the vodka and can absorb much of the vodka.

Who says Bloody Marys have to be made with plain vodka? Start with this basic bloody recipe, then substitute cucumber vodka for regular. You can even add a cucumber slice to garnish for an extra boost of flavor.

Starting with the purely finest ingredients available, our Crop Harvest Earth Vodkas are USDA certified organic, artisanal vodkas produced from grain grown on America's plains. Crop organic grain is harvested from fertile, healthy soil free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.

Named the Best Vodka in the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka is light, clean, smooth, and distilled to perfection. You'll love every sip of this sustainably made, delicious vodka.

Like taking a walk in the vegetable garden, our Crop Cucumber Vodka is sure to refresh your palate. With a lightly vegetal white floral bouquet, it's clean and crisp on the palate, and delicious in cocktails or by itself. Try it with club soda and a slice of cucumber, in a cucumber lemonade, or as the key ingredient to a remarkable Bloody Mary for the perfect refreshing cocktail.

A refreshing twist on citrus vodka, Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka is bright and crisp - the perfect balance between the sweet and tart flavors of a Meyer lemon. Wonderful with club soda, or in a cosmo, Crop Meyer Lemon is versatile enough to compliment any cocktail.

Cucumber vodka is vodka infused with the flavor of cucumber, giving a vegetal finish to each sip. There are several brands on the market, or you can make it homemade. The homemade version requires just two ingredients: cucumber and vodka! Here are the basic steps:

Another favorite cucumber vodka drink: this Sparkling Cucumber Cocktail! This tasty highball drink pairs cucumber vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water for a bubbly, refreshing cocktail. It's a spin on the Tom Collins using this tasty infused spirit.

One of the easiest cucumber vodka drinks? The Cucumber Vodka Tonic! Simply swap in cucumber vodka for the standard stuff in our vodka tonic recipe. Garnish with cucumber slices and lemon wedges, and it's an insanely refreshing cocktail that's ideal for summer.

Effen is a vodka brand launched in 2002 by three Chicago-based drinks marketing professionals, and now owned by the multinational beverage giant Beam Suntory. The name means "smooth" in the Dutch language.

Fragrant with flavors of lush juicy pear, this refreshing elegant cocktail is paired with a silky smooth vodka. The final hint of the velvety elderflower blossoms leaves an aromatic kiss on your palate. This cocktail defines relaxation.

Refreshing, sophisticated vodka cranberry martini with a Two Chicks twist, satisfying your palate with the tartness of cranberry and the zest of lime. We couldn't resist calling this the perfect Tartini.

People enjoy cucumber vodka as a refreshing shot, an innovative cocktail, or an enhanced mixed drink. The two flavors are a match made in heaven, and a cucumber infusion can help cut the burn of certain vodkas.

Pearl Vodka is known for making exquisitely smooth vodka in a variety of flavors, one of the yummiest being their cucumber vodka! The alcohol has a crisp, refreshing taste and only a slight burn in the aftertaste, making it perfect for summertime cocktails! It also won the Gold Award at the World Beverage Competition 2010.

Skinnygirl tends to be an underrated vodka brand, as their alcohol has a bright flavor with a delicious finish, and the cucumber vodka is no exception! This alcohol is delightful over ice and soda water with a slice of lime. The beautifully sweet and refreshing vodka is the perfect go-to for a low-cal summertime cocktail.

Cucumber and vodka are a sensational pairing as they bring out the soft, invigorating, and slightly sweet flavor of one another. These vodkas taste fabulous on their own, with a bit of club soda, or integrated into a classic cocktail!

Inspired by a family country garden, the Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito has a just plucked-from-the-patch taste. This prepared cocktail is an easy crowd pleaser, combining 5x-distilled corn-based vodka, natural cucumber, juicy lime, natural mint and a splash of organic agave nectar. Preserving the entirety of cucumber flavor exactly as it comes from the ground provides the cocktail with an earthy finish, while the juices and essential oil notes from the lime give the cocktail a bright, citrusy kick. Super refreshing, crisp and not so sweet this pre-mixed cocktail has the virtue of being naturally low calorie and makes for easy sipping at a dinner party or poolside. Shake well & pour over ice!

Inspired by the essence of freshly harvested vine ripened cucumbers, EFFEN Cucumber offers a crisp, clean and refreshing twist for your next cocktail, especially traditional martinis or the classic Bloody Mary.

Prairie Organic Vodka, a clean, corn-based spirit from Minnesota, has been with us for the better part of a decade. At last the company is out with two line extensions, a gin and a cucumber-flavored version of the original spirit, both organic releases. Thoughts on both follow forthwith.

Cucumbers have become an increasingly popular cocktail add-in, with people using them to garnish, enjoying a cucumber vodka drink, or muddling them with herbs and sugar. If you can't get enough of this light and tasty ingredient, take a look at these eleven refreshing cocktail recipes that bring its flavors to the forefront.

Interestingly, cucumbers are considered a type of melon, meaning that this cucumber melon ball keeps it all in the family. It's one of the tastiest Midori cocktails of them all, and that's saying a lot.

Cocktail garnishes not only look pretty, but they can also add minute amounts of flavor to a drink to balance the mixture out perfectly. Take a look at some of the ways you can garnish these cucumber vodka cocktails.

To add a touch of color to your cucumber vodka drinks, substitute 1/2 ounce of the cucumber vodka with butterfly pea flower infused vodka, which adds lovely blue, violet, or pink hues depending on the other ingredients in the drink. For a dramatic presentation, pour in the pea flower vodka in front of your guests and watch the drink's color change!

You can use other mixers, as well. Not everyone has the time to collect multiple ingredients and parse out their measurements for a craft cocktail. Therefore, here's a few of the many mixers that go well with cucumber vodka.

Cucumber vodka brings an unusual, but delicious, flavor to any cocktail that it's added to. Whether you're enjoying a cucumber martini or one of the cocktails above, using the cucumber vodka can take your average cocktails to new heights. Now it's time to experiment with other flavored vodka drinks.

Inspired by the essence of freshly harvested vine-ripened cucumbers, this vodka creates a refreshing take on classic cocktails. It can provide a crisp twist to a traditional martini or mule, and also mixes well with soda water, tonic or lemon-lime soda to create a cool, refreshing taste.

Crisp and refreshing, our naturally infused cucumber vodka both elevates and cools down a traditional martini, Greyhound, or even a Bloody Mary. This Bronze Medal-winner is also delicious with a splash of club soda or seltzer water and fresh lime.TIP-The more you buy, the more you save on shipping 041b061a72


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