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Outdoor Classic Hockey 2015

Outdoor Classic Hockey 2015 >>>

The NHL primarily uses three brands for outdoor games: the Heritage Classic, Winter Classic, and Stadium Series. The 2003 Heritage Classic between the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens was the first outdoor regular season game in NHL history. The Heritage Classic has since been held infrequently, featuring match-ups solely between Canadian teams, until the Buffalo Sabres make their appearance in the 2022 Heritage Classic. The annual Winter Classic, held on New Year's Day in the United States, began with the 2008 game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres. The NHL then started the Stadium Series in 2014 for additional outdoor games. The number of Stadium Series games has varied per season (four in 2014, only one in 2015, two in 2016, and one per season since 2017). Both the Winter Classic and the Stadium series featured match-ups solely between American teams until the Toronto Maple Leafs' appearances in both the 2014 Winter Classic and the 2018 Stadium Series.

During their time at the Civic Arena, the Pittsburgh Penguins could have theoretically hosted an outdoor NHL game due to the arena having a retractable roof. (The arena was originally built for the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, who only stayed at the arena until 1973.) However, the roof was always closed during hockey games with both the Penguins and their AHL predecessors, the Pittsburgh Hornets, whom the Penguins replaced upon the 1967 NHL expansion. The roof was permanently closed after 1994 when the Penguins replaced the center scoreboard.[4]

Up until 2013, NHL's outdoor games were held exclusively in Canada and in the Midwest and Northeast United States. That changed in the 2014 Stadium Series when the Los Angeles Kings became the first West Coast team to host a regular season outdoor game, facing their in-city rival Anaheim Ducks at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on January 25.[19] The San Jose Sharks followed suit, hosting their archrival Kings in the 2015 NHL Stadium Series at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.[20] The first outdoor game to take place in a Southern state took place in the 2020 Winter Classic when the Dallas Stars hosted the Nashville Predators at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.[21]

COLUMBUS -- One of hockey's oldest rivalries and two Western Conference cities hosting an NHL outdoor game for the first time will be highlights of the 2015-16 season after NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the League's upcoming outdoor schedule Saturday at Nationwide Arena.

"I was thinking of [the weather]. It might be a little cooler than it was in Washington [for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic]. That's what the outdoor game is all about. We had the snow in Chicago when we played Pittsburgh. It was a different type of hockey game. There are some things you have to adjust to, but you enjoy it. You're outside playing a hockey game. You kind of feel like a kid again."

Even the Blackhawks seemed to be tired of playing outdoors, given this jersey was almost identical to their 2015 kits. The black helmet actually looks better than the white one, but this is ranked lower by virtue of bringing nothing new to the table.

After pulling a design straight from their own closet in 2011, the Capitals decided to pay homage to hockey in the District when they hosted the Winter Classic in 2015. The result A jersey that was somehow original, yet timeless. There's enough stripes to stand out, but not overwhelm like the 2019 Blackhawks jersey. The Washington Monument nod in the "W" was also a nice touch.

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