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How To Buy Airline Gift Cards

An American Airlines gift card is the perfect gift for any occasion. You can have your carddelivered by mail or email that can be used toward the purchase of a ticket to hundreds ofexciting destinations. You can use up to 8 gift cards at one time, and there are no expirationdates or fees. Terms andConditions apply.

how to buy airline gift cards


TPG's managing editor of news Clint Henderson explains airline gift cards are a great gift with added benefits: "I love giving Delta Air Lines gift cards, especially when there is an offer via my American Express Platinum card to get cash back when buying gift cards." Henderson said he got an offer from Amex for $60 when he bought a Delta gift card for $300 or more. Not only did he get a $300 voucher to use on Delta, but he also got a $60 statement credit on top of it.

Henderson advises gauging friends' preferences to see which airline they like to fly with and then sending them an e-card from that airline. Be sure to follow up to ensure they received it, as sometimes these emails can go into promotional or even spam folders.

Senior aviation reporter David Slotnick advises being mindful that airline gift cards are often sold in drug stores and supermarkets. "You can find gift cards in various denominations at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target, among others," he explains. "Costco sometimes has offers for a $500 Southwest gift card for $449 (including right now), so that's a solid way," Slotnick says. "Or just to bank for yourself!"

Credit cards writer Ryan Smith also likes getting a discount on Alaska gift cards: "Costco has Alaska Airlines gift cards at 10% off pretty often, but I won't call that the best since that doesn't help people everywhere." Still, that's another trick that Clint Henderson used when buying an Alaska voucher online from Costco for 10% off. He got proactive and used the $500 in flight credits to take his nieces and nephew to Hawaii.

The TPG team also advises that you can also purchase airline gift cards electronically at stores like Staples. "Be sure to use a credit card that gives you points for your purchases so you can earn points while you are giving gifts. Some credit cards could give you as much as 5 points per dollar spent. In that case, you'd be getting a gift too!" they say.

There is another option if you want to give the gift of travel but don't feel like giving cash or buying an online certificate from an airline. Clint Henderson explains that gifting a 'pretend airplane ticket' printed out and wrapped up in a gift box can be a huge hit, and the person can decide where they would like you to either book or contribute towards the cost of a flight. "There are even downloadable gift plane tickets you can get from places like Etsy."

The Air Canada Gift Card is a stored-value card similar to a prepaid card or gift certificate. It can be used to purchase airline tickets or travel options on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge.

Gift cards purchased from sources other than Air Canada or our participating retailers may not be valid or may have less redeemable value than promised by an unauthorized seller. Air Canada is not responsible for honouring invalid gift cards or values.

The Air Canada Gift Card is easy to use: simply provide your gift card number and security code (PIN) at time of payment on either the Canadian or U.S. edition of, or when you call Air Canada Reservations* at 1-888-247-2262 (within Canada and the United States only). You can also use your Air Canada Gift Card:

Unfortunately, because of system limitations, when purchasing a seat or travel option for an existing reservation, only one (1) form of payment will be accepted. If the gift card has a working balance lower than the cost of the fee or travel option, please pay with another form of payment. However, we will be able to apply the credit from your card and effect a refund following these instructions: After the transaction, you can complete the Customer Assistance Form Opens in New Window, provide the proof of used form of payment and include the details of the unused Air Canada Gift Card or eGift Card to receive a refund of the applicable value to your original form of payment.

For purchases involving multiple passengers/gift cards, it is advisable to make separate bookings. In this situation, customers can use up to two Gift Cards per passenger provided that the total cost of the ticket purchase is covered fully by the (2) two gift cards.

Air Canada Gift Cards are just like cash. Air Canada is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed gift cards. However, if you report a lost, stolen or destroyed Air Canada Gift Card, it may be replaced with the remaining balance upon proof of purchase and gift card number.

Air Canada Gift Cards and eGift Cards can be purchased at, by redeeming Aeroplan Miles at or, subject to availability, at Canada Post, Loblaws, Sobeys, Save-On-Foods and Rexall locations across Canada.

Purchases made online. The online purchase of Air Canada Gift Cards and eGift Cards are made through, and distributed by, Buyatab Online Inc. ("Buyatab"). By accessing, and by purchasing a Gift Card and eGift Card on that site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions governing the sale and use of Gift Cards and eGift Cards. In order to purchase a Gift Card and eGift Card online, information such as credit card and related payment and billing information need to be provided. Buyatab may request further information to validate the transaction. In the act of providing such information, you warrant that all information provided is both current and accurate. All online orders of Gift Cards and eGift Cards are subject to a process that compares information provided by you with information provided by your financial institution. If there is a discrepancy, your online order may be delayed or held until the information can be verified. If information can not be adequately verified, such online order may be cancelled at the discretion of Buyatab or Air Canada. Buyatab or Air Canada may also delay or cancel the online purchase of a Card or eGift Card which contains a personalized message that Buyatab or Air Canada deem, at their sole discretion, to be inappropriate, offensive or otherwise objectionable. If the Gift Card or eGift Card delivery date has passed and you have not received confirmation that the Gift Card or eGift Card was sent, or if you need general assistance with the online purchase of your Gift Card or eGift Card, please contact Buyatab's Customer Support at 1-855-281-1761 and provide your six- digit reference number or your email address.

Purchasers residing in Canada can purchase Air Canada Gift Cards and eGift Cards in any denomination between $25 and $2,000 Canadian dollars at, between $50 and $10,000 Canadian dollars at Canada Post locations, or between $50 and $500 Canadian dollars at Loblaws, Sobeys, Safeway, Save-On-Foods and Rexall locations. No single Air Canada Gift Card or eGift Card can be purchased for an amount exceeding $2,000 Canadian dollars at or $10,000 Canadian dollars at Canada Post. The total value of the Gift Cards and eGift Cards that may be purchased by any one purchaser at during any one day must be less than $10,000 Canadian dollars.

Purchasers residing in the U.S. can purchase Air Canada Gift Cards and eGift Cards at in any denomination between $25 and $2,000 U.S. dollars. No single Air Canada Gift Card or eGift Card can be purchased for an amount exceeding $2,000 U.S. dollars. The total value of the Gift Cards and eGift Cards that may be purchased by any one purchaser residing in the U.S. during any one day must be less than $10,000 U.S. dollars.

Gift Cards and eGift cards are only redeemable at Air Canada in Canada and the U.S. toward the purchase of air travel offered by Air Canada and operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express (Operated by Jazz) and/or the purchase of ancillary services offered by Air Canada in conjunction with an Air Canada, Air Canada Express or Air Canada Rouge flight. Air travel and ancillary services offered by Air Canada are limited to air transportation costs, change fees, last-minute upgrades, additional checked baggage fees, pet-handling fees, unaccompanied minor fees, and applicable taxes or any other similar fee that applies to the purchase. Also redeemable for flight-inclusive vacation packages to Mexico and the Caribbean at Air Canada Vacations, excluding group reservations.

Gift Cards and eGift Cards cannot be used for payment of air travel wholly over the services of any other airline, or for the payment of a ticket which is part of a group booking. Gift Cards and eGift Cards are not redeemable toward the purchase of Air Canada Flight Passes, group travel, Air Canada Cargo products and services, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership fees, or for the purchase of third-party products/services such as duty-free, Air Canada Bistro (e.g., food and beverages), hotel bookings, car rentals and/or travel insurance.

In the case of bookings for multiple passengers using multiple forms of payment (of which at least one is a Gift Card or eGift Card), it is recommended that separate bookings be made for each passenger using a Gift Card or eGift Card as a form of payment. It is also important to know that you cannot consolidate the value of multiple gift cards onto a single one.

Airport locations are not authorized to deactivate or replace lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed cards. If you suspect that a Gift Card or eGift Card has been copied, stolen or compromised in any way, please contact Buyatab's Customer Support or fill out the Gift Card Help Form at Replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed Gift Card or eGift Card may occur only if the customer is able to provide proof of purchase. Proof of purchase must include the unique card number which is located on the back of the card. 041b061a72


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