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Best Buy Vacuum Cleaners Cordless

Shark and Dyson are two of the biggest brands in the cordless vacuum market right now. They seem evenly matched when it comes to suction power, but Shark's designs are slightly more affordable than Dyson's models, which may leave you wondering if Shark is better than Dyson?

best buy vacuum cleaners cordless

Starting with the specs is typically the way to go - think about how long of a runtime you need from your cordless vacuum, what floor types you have in your home, and how powerful you'll need the cleaner to be.

Next up, think about what features you might need from your new cordless vacuum. If you have pets, that means looking for a vacuum that can handle hairs and even odors. You might need a range of attachments to handle various surfaces in your home or a vacuum that can easily transform into one of the best car vacuums.

It's happened. We've knocked the Dyson V15 Detect off our top spot and replaced it with the Shark Stratos. It has all the tech for an effective and effortless clean. We were really impressed with it and feel that it deserves to be voted the best cordless vacuum cleaner for 2023. Will it be rivalled? We'll see.

The best cordless vacuums are time savers and space savers. Time savers because they're instant-on, go-anywhere vacuums that will do a superb job on carpets, wooden floors, tiles and your car's upholstery too. And because they're designed to be super-portable and super-manoeuvrable, they don't need lots of storage space when you're done.

There used to be a trade-off with cordless vacuums: in order to get their convenient cleaning you had to accept poorer suction and fairly short battery life. That's not the case with the best cordless vacuums, however. The technology has improved very dramatically in a very short time, and the best of them are among the best vacuum cleaners full stop.

There are lots of manufacturers, models and designs out there, and that's why we're here. We've tested all the key models from brands big and small, and we've tested them not in testing rooms but in real homes where cats, kids, dogs and DIY can push even the best vacuums to their very limit. Because we've actually used these vacuums in the real world, we know which ones are the best buys at every price point.

If you're looking for even more convenient cleaning, put your feet up and check out our guide to the best robot vacuums. If you prefer to kick it old-school, we've also rated the best upright vacuums on the market. And if you'd like some top tips, expert advice and handy hacks to get the most from any kind of cleaner, our feature on how to vacuum is just what you've been waiting for.

The Shark Stratos is a new line of vacuum cleaners from one of the best cordless vacuum cleaner brands there is. We reviewed the cordless model, but the new tech is also available as a corded and upright vacuum cleaner.

There are some compromises to keep the price tag affordable of this model, which was previously called the Roidmi S1E. The 40-minute runtime is shorter than other cordless vacuums on the market, and it struggled to deep clean carpet. However, while its decibel levels are similar to other cordless vacuums, its softer tone feels less intrusive, and you can chat while cleaning without having to shout.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to use in both stick cleaner or handheld mode, and lightweight. And, it comes with a good selection of tools, including a motorized mattress brush to make upholstery cleaning easy.

Dyson's latest vacuum cleaner really is its best yet and one of the very best cordless vacuum on the market, hands down. It may be expensive but with better cleaning performance and suction power than the Dyson V11, and the same long-lasting battery for the same price tag, it's worth every penny.

This cordless vacuum has proven to us that old ideas can also be some of the best. On review, it did away with any dust clouds rising from the bin upon emptying, or that moment you go to grab the vacuum and realise the recently washed filter is still dripping wet, because since it's bagged, you can just release the bag and get on with your day.

The Pure One S15 Pro delivers plenty of bang for your buck, and we were very impressed by the high-quality look and feel of this smart cordless. Whether it beats the Dyson V15 is purely a matter of personal preference, but the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro is definitely up there with the best.

The dust bin size and up-to 60-minute runtime match the V11, though do be aware that if you push it to its most powerful suction settings that figure drops dramatically. It can be converted into a handheld cleaner like other Dyson cordless vacuums.

This cordless vacuum cleaner from Vax gets our vote for use inside the home and outside in the car. It comes with a suite of attachments and has an impressive battery life of up to 90 minutes, meaning that even if you have parked down the road you'll have plenty of juice to see you through the clean.

The Shark WandVac is loud in use and the runtime is around a quarter of that offered by rival cordless cleaners. So, it's the best cordless vacuum for quick clean ups rather than a deep whole house clean.

For homes kitted out solely with hard floors, the Dyson Omni-glide is the best cordless vacuum you can buy. With not one, but two soft brush bars, it ensures you can vacuum your home faster than ever without damaging the hard flooring. And we found dust and dirt pick up to be very effective during testing.

As you've read, there are a lot of the best cordless vacuums to choose from. There's no right or wrong make or model to choose, but it is important to get the right one for you and your household by choosing wisely. Our "5 things to consider when buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner" would (also) be worth a read because what we've specified can be applied to any cordless vacuum you're looking at buying.

Its claim to greatness is a green laser that shoots out the front of the motorized head, which illuminates the dust particles in your path. A sensor inside the vacuum counts the number of particles the V15 is sucking up and tells you the particle sizes on the LCD display. The same sensor automatically adjusts the power level to match how gnarly your floors are. Senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So tested the V15 and says not every user needs to know dust particle size down to the micron, and the dust bin is more finicky than other Dyson stick vacs. But if you have severe allergies or just want the best of the best, it may be the right vacuum for you.

At almost $1,000, this is one of the most expensive Dysons in the lineup and a lot of money to pay for a vacuum. But it's not for everyone. If you're choosing between this one and the V15 Detect, we recommend the Outsize+ for those who have a large home with a lot of square footage, a variety of floor types, and pets you clean up after often. We're currently testing the Outsize+ and it's worth noting that it's a bit less powerful in suction than the V15 Detect. The Outsize+ offers 220 AW while the V15 Detect packs 230 AW. However, the Outsize+ is still the best option if you want to cover more surface area while vacuuming, all while spending less time emptying the dust bin or charging the battery.

Over the years, we have tested vacuum cleaners of all types and written in-depth guides about the best cordless vacuums, vacuums for pet hair, affordable vacuums, handheld vacuums, and robot vacuums. Below, we have assembled our top picks from each guide to bring you the best of the best.

The best vacuums do an outstanding job on hardwood floors and carpeting and can often detect the surface they are cleaning to adjust the suction power. In addition to assessing performance, we also consider how easy a vacuum cleaner is to use, clean, and maintain since a clogged airway or filter is the most common reason vacuums lose suction.

This Shark vacuum had the best overall cleaning performance of all the cordless vacuums we tested, picking up every bit of flour, cat litter, ground coffee, and dog hair from hardwood and tile with ease. It also does well with large particles like whole Cheerios, though it's less effective on high-pile rugs and carpeting. The flexible hose lets you reach under low spaces better than any other cordless vac.

With its consistent, powerful suction and maneuverability, the vacuum is already a great deal. Even better, it comes with a few attachments stored directly on the vacuum, which you can attach to the 6-foot-long hose to clean upholstery or get into crevices. For these cleaning tasks, we prefer a cordless handheld vacuum, but it's a nice option to have.

If you have the budget, consider cleaning up after your pet with a quiet, powerful, and mess-free canister vacuum. In our guide to the best vacuums for pet hair, the Classic C1 did the best job of picking up debris.

The Dustbuster was the original handheld vacuum developed for NASA more than 40 years ago. So it's no surprise that one of these vacs, the Black+Decker Dustbuster Cordless Handheld Vacuum (model HHVI315JO42) performed the best in our tests.

The Dustbuster HHVI315JO42 was the best car vacuum cleaner we tested and was among the best on hardwood and carpeting. While other models struggled with flour and Cheerios, the Dustbuster was the best at picking up these substances on hardwood. 041b061a72


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