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What is Foto Mosaik Edda?

Have you ever wanted to create a stunning picture from thousands of smaller pictures? If so, you might be interested in Foto Mosaik Edda, a software that allows you to create photo mosaic pictures from your own computer. A photo mosaic picture is made up of tiny photos which are fitted together in such a way that, from a distance, they blend together to create the appearance of a new picture. For example, you can make a photo mosaic of your favorite celebrity using photos of their fans, or a photo mosaic of your family using photos of your memories.

Foto Mosaik Edda Professional Key

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Foto Mosaik Edda is easy to use and has many features that let you customize your photo mosaic. You can choose from different styles, such as classic, parquet, or chaos. You can also adjust the size, shape, and color of the tiles, as well as the resolution and quality of the output. You can even create a source reference file that shows you which photos were used in your photo mosaic and where they are located.

Why use Foto Mosaik Edda Professional?

Foto Mosaik Edda has two versions: the free Standard version and the paid Professional version. The Standard version is great for beginners who want to try out the software and create simple photo mosaics. However, if you want to take your photo mosaic creation to the next level, you might want to consider upgrading to the Professional version.

The Professional version offers an even wider range of services than the Standard version. Here are some of the advantages of using Foto Mosaik Edda Professional:

  • It supports multicore and 64 bit processing for a fast and smooth performance.

  • It is available as a portable version that you can use on any device without installation.

  • It allows you to create photo mosaics in parquet and chaos styles, which are more complex and artistic than the classic style.

  • It lets you use only tiles from the database that match the given tile format, which ensures a more consistent and realistic look.

  • It avoids using the same tile twice within a user-defined radius, which prevents repetition and improves diversity.

How to get Foto Mosaik Edda Professional?

If you are convinced that Foto Mosaik Edda Professional is the right choice for you, you might be wondering how to get it. The good news is that it is very easy and convenient to order Foto Mosaik Edda Professional online. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on the "Buy" button in the table.

  • Choose your preferred payment method. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, GiroPay, cheque, or PayPal. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

  • After your payment is received, you will receive an email with an invoice, a download link, and a license key.

  • Download and install Foto Mosaik Edda Professional on your computer using the link provided.

  • Enter your license key when prompted by the software to activate it.

Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy Foto Mosaik Edda Professional and create amazing photo mosaics.

How to use Foto Mosaik Edda Professional?

Using Foto Mosaik Edda Professional is very simple and intuitive. You can create a photo mosaic picture in just four steps:

  • Select your main picture. This is the picture that you want to recreate with smaller pictures. You can choose any image file from your computer or from an online source.

  • Create your tile database. This is where you store all the smaller pictures that will be used as tiles in your photo mosaic. You can add as many pictures as you want from different sources, such as your computer, your camera, or online galleries.

  • Choose your settings. This is where you customize your photo mosaic according to your preferences. You can select the style, format, size, color, resolution, quality, and other options for your photo mosaic.

  • Create your photo mosaic. This is where you let Foto Mosaik Edda Professional do its magic and generate your photo mosaic picture. You can preview your photo mosaic before saving it as an image file or printing it out.

To make your photo mosaic even more unique and personal, you can also use some tips and tricks that Foto Mosaik Edda Professional offers:

  • You can use filters to enhance or modify the appearance of your main picture or tile pictures.

  • You can use masks to create different shapes for your photo mosaic, such as hearts, stars, or letters.

  • You can use frames to add borders or decorations to your photo mosaic.

  • You can use text to add captions or messages to your photo mosaic.

Examples of photo mosaics created with Foto Mosaik Edda Professional

To give you some inspiration and show you what Foto Mosaik Edda Professional can do, here are some examples of photo mosaics created with the software:


Foto Mosaik Edda Professional is a powerful and versatile software that allows you to create stunning photo mosaics from your own pictures. It has many features that let you customize your photo mosaics according to your preferences and needs. It is easy to use and affordable to buy online. If you are looking for a creative and fun way to transform your photos into artworks, you should definitely give Foto Mosaik Edda Professional a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements for Foto Mosaik Edda Professional?

Foto Mosaik Edda Professional works on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating systems. It requires at least 512 MB of RAM and 100 MB of free disk space.

  • How long does it take to create a photo mosaic with Foto Mosaik Edda Professional?

The time it takes to create a photo mosaic depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of your main picture and tile database, the settings you choose for your photo mosaic, and the speed of your computer. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

  • Can I use photos from different sources for my tile database?

Yes, you can use photos from any source for your tile database. You can add photos from your computer folders, digital cameras, online galleries (such as Flickr or Picasa), or web pages (such as Google Images or Bing Images).

  • Can I share my photo mosaics online or print them out?

Yes, you can share your photo mosaics online or print them out. You can save your photo mosaics as image files in various formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF. You can also print your photo mosaics directly from the software or export them as PDF files. You can also upload your photo mosaics to online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

  • How much does Foto Mosaik Edda Professional cost?

Foto Mosaik Edda Professional costs US$ 39.00. This is a one-time payment that gives you a lifetime license to use the software. You will also receive free updates and support for the software.


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