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Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya Full ((TOP)) Movie Part 2 Download

I was under the impression they were a duo..I remember this from way backwhen I used to listen to a lot of AIR. The thing that hampered their successwas maybe the selection of the movies they composed songs for. Many of themwere the Daku - Police kind or the Thakur variety set in villages etc...Addto that the star cast was not the popular variety so the movies were notgreat hits. Dharma was a hit but look at who starred in that movie...Pran,Navin Nishchal, Anwar Hussain and Rekha (iirc).They also didnt get opportunities to work for the then bigdirectors...LP/RDB/KA were ruling the roost... In my book, Sonik Omi wouldbe put down as the terribly unlucky kind. With a couple of big movies, theycould have made it big in Bollywood.As to variety, they had plenty be it "Dono ne kiya...izhaar magar...mujheyaad raha...tuu bhool gayi" , "Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya" or "Isharon ko agarsamjho.. raaz ko raaz rehne do".Kamesh[I too was surprised Varma Malik was missing in DNPYK and Mahua....for Ialways assumed VM/SO were a package deal]

Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya Full Movie Part 2 Download

Dil ne phir yaad kiyathe title song is soooooooo gooddil ne phir yaad kiya sung by rafi, mukesh and sumanand another song i have iskaliyon ne ghoonghat kholehar phool pe bhawara dolelo aaya, pyar ka mausamgulon gulzaar ka mausammmmm...waitI THINK THAT'S FROM dil ne phir yaad kiyaok that;s it for nowSharad 350c69d7ab


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