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Survival Games for Android: How to Explore, Survive, and Conquer in These Amazing Games

tl; dr 1 - When creating this list, I factored in gameplay, crafting trees, diversity of things to do, reviews and graphics. I have bolded the title of each game in the post. I also added 5 extra games at the end that are worth mentioning.

survival games android


Mobile Survival games are taking over the market with big and small game companies on equal ground so in this video I am going to list the top 10 survival games for android and iOS. Some of these top games will not be a surprise to you, but then there are a few that so far have stayed a secret.

The first game on the list is Ark: Survival Evolved. This will probably not be a surprise to many of you because this game is absolutely amazing. It does a great job of capturing the feel of being alone on an island full of dinosaurs, has a great crafting tree and base building mechanics, allows you to tame and ride those dinosaurs and even has amazing clan mechanics with epic pvp. The only downside of this game is their monetization strategy which would normally disqualify a game from being first on this list, but mobile survival games have worse monetization systems than most genres which has forced me to lower my standards on this video.

The ninth game is Radiation City. This game is a great survival game with an amazing story. The story starts out with a journalist team tasked with studying the trinoble power plant accident going missing. The leader of that team was your significant other so you set out to save her but a plane crash leaves you just trying to survive. The game has easily over 25 hours of gameplay and it is extremely well done for the mobile phone.

And the last game on this list is The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. This game is a little more of a casual game that I normally choose for my list, but it is cleverly built and offers a few things that the other survival games on this list do not. The main one is that survival in this game is not imminent but rather self-inflicted. You can of course stay in prison for as long as you want and eat the meals given to you, but if you want to get out of prison and get to the beach, then you will need to devise an escape plan and once you start that plan, do everything you need to do to survive.

You will be hard pressed to find a top 10 survival game list that does not include This War of Mine. The game is about a civilian father trying to protect his daughter in the middle of a war. It is critically acclaimed for its music, creativity and it's heart wrenching story which is why it did not make it to my top 10 list. I play games to have fun. I have a serious job where I get to help a lot of people that are hurting and my heart breaks for them as I help them in real life so I am not interested in also doing that in a game, but if you are, this is the game for you.

Another game I had to mention is Alien: Blackout. This game is made by the creators of the movies and it almost made it to the top 10 list because it is so different and unique compared to other survival games, but ultimately it got eeked out because there were so many great games.Another game that got eeked out was Fallout Shelter. This is also a great game that my wife and I enjoyed playing for a while, but there was just too much great competition that it got pushed out of the top 10.

I've looked through the more mainstream titles like State of Survival, etc. but most reviews seem to say that those games are hard to progress in once you reach a wall, which heightens the need for MTX.

One of the reasons survival games are so popular is that survival is deeply rooted in our nature. Letting out that aspect of ourselves through these games gives us a thrill. By playing survival games, we get to gauge how we'd react in different kinds of life-threatening situations, and see if we're capable enough to make it out alive.

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While there are several of these games available on mobile devices, only a few of them stand out. These survival games will definitely put your skills to the test. We've picked the ones we thought would provide a decent challenge, while also offering a variety of settings.

Updated on February 7, 2023, by Yolly del Prado: Are you on the hunt for a new survival challenge? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We've updated our list with even more fun and engaging mobile survival games for easy pickup, whether at home or on the go. We selected diverse game entries that feature pragmatic gameplay elements and superb visuals for a compelling and veritable mobile survival experience. Do you have the guts and wits to survive in these hostile worlds? Bring it on!

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an action RPG that combines elements of survival and camp-building mechanics. However, its riveting plot is what will really get you hooked on the game. Travel back in time and overthrow the ambitious Roman leaders trying to tyrannize the Empire.

Take control of a cool bionic girl in a zombie-infested world who has only one goal in mind: to survive. Do this by gathering resources across the map, crafting equipment, constructing shelters, hunting for food, and unlocking awesome gadgets to help you with slaying the zombies. Additionally, keep an eye out for other players that are out to steal your loot. To increase your chances of survival, join a clan, create an alliance with other players, and together face whatever threats come your way.

This pirate survival adventure has you begin alone and empty-handed on a lost island that's home to everything from bears to skeletons, zombies, and even sea monsters. Your goal is to stay alive and gather enough resources to make it off the hellish island.

A plane crash leaves you stranded in the middle of the ocean with a raft as your only means of survival. Being stuck in the middle of the ocean requires more than just food and water to survive - the heat of the sun, stormy weather, and shark attacks all pose threats to your well-being.

Days After is a zombie survival game with a rather familiar name. In a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, your top priority is to stay alive, as nothing else really matters when you have the undead on the hunt for your blood and brains.

Frostborn isn't your ordinary survival game - it features both co-op and MMORPG elements. The game is set in Midgard, a once peaceful medieval land of Vikings, now abandoned and filled with darkness caused by the goddess Hel.

tl;dr 1 - Even though I have been covering survival games for 4 years now, I would consider myself an amateur game researcher so my predictions might be way off on some of these, but last year I experienced some success and it seems like I am getting even more this year (over 75k views in 13 days). I credit a lot of this new found success to Reddit and the feedback I have gotten from this community. So thank you! Here is my list for this years top Survival Games of 2022: Undawn, Project Arrival, Haven Star, Lostlight, Don't Starve: New Home, Tomorrow Online Survival, Lost in Blue, Arena Breakout, Fading City, and Craft of Survival Immortal (HM: Project DX, LifeAfter, Kefir Games) (I give my reasons for choosing each one, so if one of these confuses you, make sure to read the post before raging ?)

The second game on the list is Project Arrival. This game is also similar in nature to Lifeafter, but has a futuristic theme. One of the things that intrigues me the most about this game is within the storyline, Earth is lost which means our survival is set on a different planet. So surviving on this new planet is going to require gathering resources that I'm not intuitively familiar with to fend off enemies that I currently have no concept of. This sounds like survival on a whole new level and gets me really excited. I also think the futuristic theme is a refreshing addition to the survival genre. Especially when you think about creating new futuristic weapons.

The third game is Haven Star. Haven Star is the newest Rust Mobile which is a welcome addition right now because all of the other Mobile games of it's type are full of hackers. And nothing makes survival harder than getting sniped from further than the game even allows you to see. For those of you who are not familiar with Rust style games, imagine battle royale where you can build incredibly complex bases, respawn if you die, and the island lasts a month long. It is an incredibly addictive game style so it is great that we are getting another one that has not yet been ruined by hackers. Also, Haven Star allows the host a ton of extra options for customization so each island can have drastically different rules. This could make the learning curve more than some mobile gamers would like, but it also greatly increases the replayability of the game which should keep its more advanced players happy.

The fourth game on the list is Lostlight. This game is the first Mobile form of "Escape from Tarkov" and it is fantastically done. The graphics are crisp, the maps are dynamic and fun to get to know, the gameplay is exhilarating and the controls are the best of what mobile gaming has to offer. I played the game in the early beta and I started to play so much that I struggled to find the time to make videos. One of the things that I think Lost Light does really well is balance the amount of real players with enemies on the map allowing a player to truly master a map while also keeping it fresh each time. Also, Lost Light adds a lot of realistic elements true to other survival games like breaking a leg if you jump off a cliff or if someone shoots you there.


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