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Where To Buy New York Pass In New York City

Yes! We have partnered with Stasher and New York Pass holders can store luggage or bags while exploring the city. Exclusive to passholders only, bookings can be made online here and use the code NYCPASS for 15% off.

where to buy new york pass in new york city

Yes, we have dedicated passes for many other cities, which you can buy through our sister websites:,, and If you want to leave a Google review you can do so on our New York Pass listing.

The good news is that if you plan on visiting a number of attractions in New York, you can take advantage of one of the various New York city attraction passes that are available. If you take advantage of these passes, you can end up saving a lot of money. However, you will have to decide if each pass is worth it for your visit, based on the attractions you really want to see.

The passes are valid for nine days from first use, so you will have plenty of time do so. If you visit all the attractions, you can definitely make significant savings. This pass does cover many of the most popular paid attractions in the city, but it is obviously limited to just these attractions.

The Sightseeing Pass company offers two types of passes for New York. They have an all-inclusive attraction pass where you choose how many days validity you want, and they have a pass where you can choose from a number of attractions you want to visit. You can compare these two passes here.

Besides that, these passes are a good choice if the additional offers, such as bike rentals, city tours or boat rides, are important to you. In these cases, you usually get away cheaper with a time based pass.

There are multifarious attractions passes that bless you with instant access to major tourist hubs in the city which cuts down the inconvenience of queuing up for hours and exchanging currency every now and then. As there many kinds of passes, it becomes quite a time-consuming task to decide which pass fits the bill so you can enjoy it without worrying about spending a lot of cash.

Moreover, this group of passes can be compared to the buffet where you pay a limited price to devour unlimited food. Yes, you read it right you get a card for one set of the price for certain days and enjoy hassle-free entries to as many attractions, itineraries, and experiences that you would like to be a part of. Sightseeing pass and The New York Pass are the most widely used all-inclusive passes in the Big Apple.

You can purchase the pass for the length of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days and save up to a whopping 70% compared to the price of the tickets at each attraction and get a 230-colored guidebook which is available in several languages. With the popular bus, bike and boat tours, the pass allows you to take delight in exploring the city in different ways.

With each pass having its own unique selling points; it becomes quite an uphill task to decide which pass you should purchase to explore the incredible highlights of the city. So it boils down to the monetary aspect i.e., weighing all your options and streamlining the one that is not just highly economic but also lets you visit the hotspots you wish to. Considering this in mind New York Pass becomes the choice of many visitors.

As mentioned in the costs section, the New York Pass has options that cater to both extended and shorter stays in the city. Customers can choose passes with validities of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 consecutive days. Of course, aside from determining validity, the tougher part with this particular pass is picking from the many attractions to visit.

The best place to buy the New York Pass is on their official site. Once there, click on the Prices button or the Buy button at the top. Clicking either button will take you to the page where you choose the length of your day pass. As we mentioned, this New York sightseeing day pass comes in seven different choices, so click the arrows and scroll until you find the length of validity that suits you and your party.

Unlock your New York City visit with one pass to see it all. From iconic must-sees to hidden gems and exclusive experiences, The New York Pass is your key to the city. Take in the view from the Empire State Building, hop on and off a Big Bus tour, cruise down the Hudson, see priceless works of art, enjoy a picnic in Central Park, and (much) more. The New York Pass gives you easy access to 115+ attractions, tours, and unique experiences handpicked by our local experts. The best part? It's all on one pass, for one price.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility - Plan in advance or pick where you go on the day. Choose from a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 day pass and use The New York Pass app and guidebook to plan your perfect itinerary.

New York is a very expensive city to visit. The cost of Hotels, Food, Flights, and attractions is always on the rise. Many people visit the City as a once in a lifetime trip and want to pack the most into their one and only opportunity to visit the city. This can make the expenses really pile up. Attraction Passes are one way to reduce the cost and increase the number of things you see and do in the City. While in some quarters of the internet, these passes get a bit of criticism, we, on the whole, think they are a great idea.

In addition to Liberty Island, the ferry also calls at Ellis Island. The Island was once home to the immigration facility where 12 million early immigrants to the united states passed through. The Museum here is really eye-opening and many Americans can use the record to trace back their ancestry to the island. The Museum is included in the ticket.

The Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off bus is a big-ticket item. This is often included in the example itinerary to inflate the value of the Pass. The list price of $59 is pretty steep, to be honest, and you can easily get it for less by shopping around. However, being included on the pass makes it feel free and it is a great way to see the city and get to a few of the more distant sights and attractions.

This is an easily achievable itinerary and easily achievable on a 3-day pass. if you are in the city for a bit longer you can just explore the free attractions on the days you do not have the pass such as Central Park, China Town, or Brooklyn Bridge.

Hi Tessa. Glad you had a great trip in New York. It is a great place with so much to see and do. Two days is a very short amount of time to spend there but fairly common. Glad you managed to cram in lots of things while you were there. Staying a bit longer give you time to really get under the skin of the city. A pass really helps you achieve that. Thanks for commenting

Hi Dan Thanks for the comment. Glad you agree on the value of passes. They really mean you can do more for the same money which just makes your trip better. Which is what we all want the best trip possible. Hope you get to new York one day. It is such a great city.

Hi loved your article on New York, this is somewhere i would love to visit. The New York pass seems a brilliant way to see New Yorks attractions, it is a great way to save money.In your opinion how many attractions do you think you would visit in a day?I would love to see the Empire State Building and Ellis Island as well.Do you think working out a route to visit attractions near each other first would be a good idea, so save time traveling around less?

Hi, Thanks for reading, glad we made you aware of the Pass, Hope you enjoy your trip in September, but we KNOW you will! however, we do hope the pass makes it even better. Yes the simplicity does mean less juggling individual tickets.

Glad you see the benefits of the pass as we do. New York is definitely not a budget destination but there are ways to visit for cheaper than you might think. The Array of city passes being one great way to save money.

Hi, Steve! Being an individual who lived in CT. for most of my life, often visiting NYC going to baseball and basketball games as well on 3 occasions to the U.S. Open tennis tournament held in early Sept, in addition to other attractions; the one thing I can say is that while there is so much to do in the city, getting from one place to the other takes time. Add into the fact that often there often is a long line of people going to the more popular attractions on certain days of the week, (Empire State Building 9/11 Memorial and new World Trade Tower), purchasing just a 1-day pass simply would not be economically feasible.

When I went to new york this would have helped me out. I spent to much time looking for what to do. This pass would have helped me plan my trip better. There were so many things I wanted to see. but ran out of time. I appreciate this information on my next trip I will definitely be investing in this pass. Do you have any suggestions for L.A? That is my next trip.

A very interesting and in-depth review about the New York Pass. Reading your experiences made me think that this is certainly not for all people. If I had to rush for three days through a busy city like New York in order to have any advantage of this card, then I would rather opt to do it on my own and in my own time. If this means that I needed to take more time to research where to go, then I would gladly take it. On the other hand, if you have the time and condition, you can have a great advantage having this card and saving some money.

Great article, i have never been to New York city and would not know where to start if i were to get there. I would not even tell if visiting a certain attraction would be expensive hence i think for my case a pass would definitely be a good idea. I might not visit all the attractions but just a few would be great and would give me a good story to tell people in regards to my adventures in New York city

Boy, that a long post! Thanks for the information. I think that a pass is a marvelous idea, not only for the budgeting vacationer, but the city benefits too. A pass purchase is more reliable than a bunch of spontaneous ones. If I ever go to new York, I will probably use one. 041b061a72


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