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Cat Goddess Torrent |VERIFIED|

The Egyptian pantheon possessed a great number of powerful goddesses. The most well-known is of course Isis, the Great Sorceress and mother of all gods. But Hathor, goddess of love and music, had a far bigger following in ancient times. She took several different forms, most of them very wholesome and protective of the people of Egypt. But whenever Hathor was angry, she would take the form of Sekhmet, the Bloodthirsty, a frightening lioness who fed on the blood and fear of her enemies. In Egyptian art, she was depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness, and sometimes her skin would be painted green just as Osiris was. She carried an ankh sign on her left hand and a long-stemmed lotus flower on her right hand. Her head was crowned by a large solar disk, relating her to the sun god Ra, and an uraeus, the serpent associated with Egyptian kingship.

Cat Goddess Torrent

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Although she was born as an aspect of Hathor, over time both goddesses evolved into completely separate deities, mainly because their characters were so different from each other. During the Middle Kingdom, Sekhmet became associated with Bastet, the cat goddess, and absorbed the attributes and identity of Mut, goddess of creation.

Such a bad reputation was awarded to this Egyptian goddess due to a myth in which she had threatened to wipe out humanity. The only thing that prevented her from ending humanity was getting drunk on beer which had been dyed red as blood. Thus, during her annual festival, held at the beginning of the year, Egyptians danced, played music, and intoxicated themselves in an attempt to soothe the wrath of the goddess. This ritual had another meaning, too, and that is to prevent the excessive flooding of the Nile, which ran blood-red every year carrying upstream silt.

I was wondering if it is possible, having a torrent collection (IE a torrent containing multiple files) to extract a single one, generating an almost new torrent/magnet link to download only that single file but using the same source (announce, etc), instead of dowloading the whole torrent and then select what to download or not.

2019 Update: Yes, you now can! In 2017 a draft BEP was released that covers the question's behaviour for magnet URIs! This is great, as it creates a standard that keeps a consistent info_hash between a magnet URI pointing to the multi-file torrent, and a magnet URI pointing to a single file within that multi-file torrent. They will share a swarm, which means you can, as the question asks "[generate] an almost new torrent/magnet link to download only that single file but using the same source".

Firstly, you need the original .torrent file, so if you only have a magnet URI you need to resolve that to a .torrent using DHT. Any bittorrent library that supports magnet URIs has the code for that task.

Once you have the .torrent, you then need to get the hashes relating to the file you're interested in. The .torrent file contains a very long string, each 20 bytes representing the hash of each piece in the torrent. Piece length is fixed for a torrent, typically between 256KB and 1MB. If the file starts at exactly a piece offset, and is sized equal to a multiple of the piece size or is the last file in the torrent then you can reuse these hashes. You can then create a new .torrent file with that information, and generate a new magnet URI from the torrent file, re-using the announce or using a new one.

Being lucky enough to get that offset is unlikely, with a piece length generally varying between 256KB & 1MB, you have a 1/262144 to 1/268435456 chance of getting that offset (given that a file could start anywhere in a piece), so the circumstance is unlikely. If you can't re-use the hashes, you need to generate new hashes which means you can't re-use the .torrent and would need to download the files to generate the new piece hashes.

The killer is that in the end, the torrent created has a different info_hash. The info_hash is the hash of the info describing the torrent, which was a description of many files and now in your new hash is the description of a single file, thus is a new torrent so there's no-one available to leech from. Peers collect into swarms based on the info_hash, and if you create a new torrent based on one file from a multifile torrent, the peers from the multifile torrent don't know about it and won't be available to leech from.

In the morning of the second day the party swung to the right, awayfrom the gorge of the Illia, to come to it again about noon and crossit on a bridge of steel and stone that spanned it three hundred feet upfrom the torrent's course.

All of his story Polaris had one day told to Glorian. And she hadsmiled and cheered him with brave words. And then, when he had gone,she had sat for the half of a day in her chamber, looking out at thesnow-capped hills of Ruthar, striving to remember that she was agoddess, and to forget that she also was a woman. Too late she foundthat the woman conquered.

"She may be a goddess," thought Zenas to himself, "and she is beautifulenough to be a real one; but if she hasn't gone silly as a cow-girlover this lad of ours, then I'm a donkey, and a blind one, to boot. OTrouble, you've worn skirts ever since you quit fig-leaves."

Polaris looked at this fair, fresh woman, beautiful as a goddessindeed, and by all earthly standards in the first bloom of her youngwomanhood, and he felt that this matter was beyond his comprehension.

Like living sword-blades did the Rutharian zinds answer that fierceappeal. The circle grew smaller and drew in upon itself, but it did notbreak. Under their resistless blades the zinds piled a rampart of deadMaeronicans to defend their goddess. A riderless horse backed into thecircle, and Polaris, quitting Glorian's side, mounted the steed withhis two-handed steel and joined the zinds.

Old Jastla lifted his arm in salute. "Lady, to those of us who live,it is sufficient to know that you live also. Those who are dead, diedgladly to make it so. We have held our goddess safe, and our king hasheld himself." And he turned and saluted Polaris.

I was like the brontosaurus for whom it took several minutes for pain from its tail to register in its pea-sized brain. But register it finally did. And when I snapped out of my lust-laced fugue state, I found myself staring into the face of madness: my rebbe, an obese, foul-smelling, dentally challenged death camp survivor, torrents of spittle spewing from his yellow-crusted lips, was screaming at me hysterically (in the crazy, turn-of-the-twentieth, lady-parts sense of the word), repeating the same word, over and over, ahh-pee-kuy-ress (apostate), ahh-pee-kuy-ress (apostate), ahh-pee-kuy-ress (apostate), beating me about the head and shoulders with each iteration of his damnation, his dirt-encrusted fingernails contusing my sensitive skin. 350c69d7ab


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