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Freak Show2014 =LINK=

John Carroll Lynch is direful as Twisty the Clown, a slow but gentle clown at a freak show who becomes the victim of a malicious lie spread by the carnival freaks. And it goes downhill from there as he comes home to find his mother has died. He is unable to support himself, and he can't even kill himself, with the shotgun in his mouth only mutilating his lower jaw. So he snaps, raging into a killing spree targeting "mean" parents and kidnapping their children to be his audience. What really makes Twisty memorable is the grim, frightening mask he wears over the lower part of his face, a macabre grin that hides a monster.

Freak Show2014

These spectacles tend to be seen as outdated forms of entertainment with a folkish, almost tacky connotation. This is due to the fact that circuses were popular during the early to mid 20th century. Tradition has kept the visual imagery, with all of the events established during the Victorian era in P.T. Barnum's circuses. Past circus practices are also now seen as antiquated and abusive; lion-taming, seal clowns, and freak shows leaves a bad taste on modern audiences. They also are not as easily amused by clowns, "kiddie" rides, and live events, leading to decline. 041b061a72


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