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Jah Cure - Undeniable: A Review of the Reggae Star's Latest Album

Jah Cure, the Jamaican reggae singer who rose to fame in the late 1990s, has released his ninth studio album, Undeniable, on February 17, 2023. The album features 11 tracks, including collaborations with Kaylan Arnold, Stonebwoy, and Popcaan. Undeniable is a showcase of Jah Cure's versatility and maturity as an artist, as he explores different genres and themes in his music.


The album opens with the title track, Undeniable, featuring Kaylan Arnold, a young singer from Florida. The song is a smooth and soulful R&B tune, with Jah Cure and Kaylan Arnold singing about their undeniable love and attraction. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is a mix of romantic ballads, upbeat dancehall anthems, and conscious reggae songs.

One of the highlights of the album is Everything, featuring Stonebwoy, a Ghanaian afrobeat and dancehall star. The song is a catchy and energetic banger, with Jah Cure and Stonebwoy delivering infectious verses over a pulsating beat. The song celebrates life and gratitude, as the singers declare that they have everything they need.

Another standout track is Trust, a solo song by Jah Cure that showcases his vocal prowess and emotional depth. The song is a heartfelt and honest confession of Jah Cure's struggles with trust issues in his relationships. The song is accompanied by a piano and a guitar, creating a minimalist and intimate atmosphere.

The album also features some songs that reflect Jah Cure's roots in reggae and culture. One of them is Good Life, a song that pays homage to Bob Marley and his message of peace and love. The song is a laid-back and uplifting reggae groove, with Jah Cure singing about the joys of living a simple and good life. Another one is Be The One, a song that encourages people to be the change they want to see in the world. The song is a powerful and inspiring reggae anthem, with Jah Cure urging people to stand up for justice and equality.

The album closes with Turn Off the Lights, a sensual and romantic duet with Popcaan, a Jamaican dancehall superstar. The song is a seductive and playful invitation to turn off the lights and get intimate. The song is a perfect finale for the album, as it showcases Jah Cure's ability to blend different styles and moods in his music.

Undeniable is a testament to Jah Cure's talent and longevity as a reggae artist. The album offers something for everyone, whether they are looking for love songs, party songs, or conscious songs. Jah Cure proves that he is still one of the most relevant and influential voices in reggae music today.

You can download the album in zip or epub format from [Bazenation] or [9jaflaver], or listen to it online on [].


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