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Aircraft category refers to the size of an aircraft. The bigger the jet the more expensive it is to hire it. From very light jets to ultra long range jets, private jet prices vary from $2,000 to $11,000 per hour or more.



There are a variety of aircraft types within each category of private jets. Some aircraft types are slightly more expensive than others based on market demand. You can expect price variations from $200 to $2,000 per hour or more.

A fuel surcharge is applicable when there is a surge in fuel prices in the market. Fuel surcharges can possibly add $600 to $900 per hour or more depending on the size of the aircraft. Paramount Business Jets charter prices are inclusive of fuel surcharges unless specified otherwise.

Our private jet charter prices are all-inclusive no matter if you take a one-time flight with us or use your membership card. Check out how much it is to rent a private jet in either scenario.

Here is the breakdown and explanation of charges and fees of a domestic round trip charter flight. Essentially, this is a time, speed, and distance calculation. Using a sample route between Minneapolis and Phoenix, we itemize all the costs that make up the total private jet charter price for the respective flight.

Aircraft are categorized by size, depending on the range and passenger capacity. Simply, the larger the aircraft is, the greater the range, passenger and baggage capacities, and hourly charter rates will be.

The cost of chartering a 4-passenger Phenom 100 VLJ from Van Nuys to Las Vegas is around $5,100. The trip will take 59 minutes in the air. Using the same routing with a 2013 Citation M2 light jet holding 6 passengers, the flight will take 54 minutes in the air and cost around $7,620. A super light jet such as a 2004 Lear 40 can accommodate a total of 7 passengers, and a flight time of 52 minutes, would cost around $8,460.

Aircraft types vary by age, range, interior configuration, refurbishment dates and hourly rates. Below you will find a comprehensive list of private jets available on the global market and their average hourly rates.

While leading the world in private aviation, the costs of chartering a private jet within the United States are very competitive. Private aviation contributes over $150 billion to economy in the USA, according to a report by the NBAA. There are many aircraft to choose from in various locations, categories, and types in US. Here are cost estimates of popular private jet requests within the United States.

Second only to the USA, the cost of a private charter within Europe is very competitive and there are plenty of aircraft options available. Here are the costs of a few popular charter flights within the European region for your review.

At PBJ, we regularly organize private jet flights to and from Canada, as well as, within Canada while delivering the most competitive rates in the market. Put our years of experience to good use and let us represent your best interest with all Canadian charter flights.

Charter rates in the South American region are higher than America and Europe. We at PBJ, represent our private jet clients in South America for safety, quality, and cost savings through over a decade of experience in the region.

For over a decade, PBJ has represented and earned the business of discerning clientele who require Large and Ultra Long Range aircraft for their international one way or round trip private jet charter flights. Paramount shines above all when it comes to Trans-Continental, Trans-Pacific or Trans-Atlantic charter flights. Here are some samples of a few recent related flights.

Yes, when you charter a private jet you can access the same airports as a commercial airline. However, using a large mainstream airport like Los Angeles International or London Heathrow is often a bad choice for private jets, as flying to a smaller regional airport is much faster and often makes for a more luxurious experience.

Private jet clients can often have a limo drive them right up to the private jet, or even drive their own car to the plane. That said, different airports have different policies and some may not offer ramp access.

Private jet charter can be a lot cheaper than buying a block of hours for a one-way flight, as you can access floating fleets or an empty leg to reduce the cost. With a block of hours, the price covers a round trip. If you only fly one-way, you are effectively paying double.

Every aircraft burns jet fuel and emits a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This can be offset via one of several carbon offset programs that allow private jet clients to purchase a certain number of carbon credits to offset the emissions from their flight. A carbon-neutral flight is one that offsets the carbon emissions it uses via a formal process.

We're just as passionate about pets as you are, which is why we offer the most personalised, pet-friendly private flights, tailored to their every need. We can provide transportation to ensure your dogs, cats or other animals travel in the lap of luxury.

A comprehensive guide of all aircraft at your disposal. We are perfectly placed to source any aircraft for every type of charter, anywhere in the world. Discover your fleet, ranging from private jets to commercial jets and freight aircraft.

There are many choices in private jet operators, but how does one know if they will secure the best safety, service, and value when chartering a private jet? Three insightful tips on what to ask when booking a private jet charter

Air Trek is one of the oldest private jet charters in Fort Myers, Florida. Our Fort Myers private plane charters are fully licensed, inspected, and designed to meet specific needs of clients and their guests. With a versatile fleet, Air Trek offers charters out of Fort Myers Florida for business either small or large. Click HERE to see a free consumer guide on Fort Myers airplane charter services.

Choose Air Trek for for your next private jet charters in Fort Myers, Florida. We fly throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and North, Central and South America. Our Fort Myers jet charters can include worldwide charter services through partner carriers throughout the world.

Private jet travel took off in a big way during the pandemic. Flying private, which has long been viewed as a swanky, sometimes out-of-reach indulgence, suddenly became much more attractive in the era of social distancing. And as a flurry of new players entered the market in response to demand, the prices, long considered sky-high, became more accessible as well.

These days, relaxing in privacy at 35,000 feet no longer requires access to your own personal G5. There are now dozens of options for travelers looking to take to the skies in seclusion, many of them with ticket prices that deliver less sticker shock than you might expect. And the fact that most services operate out of smaller airports and private terminals has become even more appealing since the start of the pandemic, increasing demand.

Air Charter Service, the world's largest private aircraft broker, saw its new clients increase 25 percent in 2021. Many of them made the leap to private because it offered a pathway to reunite with family, says Caitlin Uhlmann, CEO of the company's Chicago office. In 2022, one in four of those first-time clients went on to book again and are now repeat clients.

These days, all it takes is a strong Wi-Fi connection (and a handy app or two) to get yourself into a private plane. A number of newer services are connecting fliers directly with charter operators, allowing you to browse, book, and buy within minutes.

Another newcomer to the private aviation sphere, FlyJets debuted in January 2020. The platform operates like a travel search engine, allowing customers to filter results via their preferred aircraft size, location, and desired departure time. An app, with features including automated scheduling, is set to debut before the end of 2022. Prices can be as much as 50 percent lower than the costs of an average charter, and booking options include full charters, seats on shared charters, and group-purchases. Travelers can even bid on flights that lack a fixed price. They can also earn rewards for flying green, with carbon offsets delivered directly to their user dashboard.

JSX, a semi-private carrier, offers flights on 30-seat jets, out of private terminals, starting at $249 each way. The company currently serves 18 markets including Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; Miami; and Westchester County, New York. Thanks to a new partnership with United Airlines, travelers can earn United MileagePlus miles for their flights.

One of the largest private aviation firms globally, XO Members and clients have access to more than 2,450 private jets across cabin classes. Seats or entire charters can be booked via the XO mobile app. XO Shared Membership is $595 per year, reducing the seat price for every booking including flights between New York and South Florida that are now offered up to four times daily, seven days a week.

This Boston-based private aviation provider also offers charters, but an easier entry point is their membership program. Explorer100 Private Jet Members receive fixed-rate pricing across four cabin-size categories. With a starting account of $100,000, members receive a 12-month rate lock, guaranteed WiFi on flights, and long-leg/round-trip discounts.

With fractional ownership, your piece of the pie is allocated in hours. Owners purchase a portion or share of an aircraft, which is doled out in hours of flight time. The bigger the share, the more hours you get in the air; and unlike membership programs, it's a one-time investment. Companies like NetJets, the granddaddy of private aviation companies, and Flexjet, whose young fleet includes Embraer's super-light Phenom 300 and the ultra-long-range Gulfstream G450, offer ownership starting at a one-sixteenth interest in an aircraft. Buyers should still be prepared to shell out at least $500,000 and often much more. 041b061a72


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