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Resident Evil Village ((BETTER)) Free

If you already own Resident Evil Village, you can purchase the Winters' Expansion for $19.99. However, if it's going to be your first time in the village, you can purchase Resident Evil Village Gold Edition for $49.99. Currently, Resident Evil Village Standard Edition costs $39.99, which is a better option if you feel like the expansion's content doesn't seem interesting enough for you. If you pre-purchase the Gold Edition or Winters' Expansion, you will receive an additional in-game outfit for Rose in the Shadows of Rose campaign for free.

Resident Evil Village Free


Resident Evil Village is easily one of the biggest games in the entire franchise. Set in a titular village, the new release gives players the chance to explore vast environments and uncover secret pathways. But does that mean Resident Evil Village is open-world? Are you free to explore wherever you like, or are you eventually funneled down a set path? 041b061a72


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