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Shaun Of The Dead

The screenplay was written by Wright and Pegg in eight weeks.[13] They were inspired by films including Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1978), as well as Raising Arizona (1987), Back to the Future (1985), Braindead (1992) and The Birds (1963).[14][15][16][17] The actors met three weeks before filming began for read-throughs, where they also made changes to the script.[16] According to Pegg, the script has a set structure, with certain lines and actions being repeated throughout the film, making improvisation harder. Only two scenes were improvised: when Ed begins to describe the people at the pub and when Shaun offers their associates some peanuts.[18] Pegg said that the screenplay played well into being an actor in the film because he "could write to [his] own strengths" and create his own wish fulfilment.[8]

Shaun of the Dead

"Shaun of the Dead," written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright and directed by Wright, is a send-up of zombie movies, but in an unexpected way: Instead of focusing on the Undead and trying to get the laughs there, it treats the living characters as sitcom regulars whose conflicts and arguments keep getting interrupted by annoying flesh-eaters. In the first two or three scenes, as he crawls out of bed and plods down the street wrapped in the misery of his hangover, Shaun doesn't even notice the zombies. Sure, they're on the TV news, but who watches the news? For Shaun and Ed, the news functions primarily as reassurance that the set will be operating when the football match begins.

Making matters worse is Shaun works a dead-end job, only wants to hang out at the local pub and is hesitant to leave his best friend and flatmate, Ed, played by relative newcomer at the time, Nick Frost. This setup plays off the real-life era when Pegg and Frost lived together as they struggled to make it in the comedy/acting business.

They did however earn the ultimate prize. After "Shaun of the Dead" reanimated interest in the Zombie film genre, Romero himself returned to his zombie-verse with 2005's "Land of the Dead" and invited Wright and Pegg to have cameos as the undead.

They then take part in a second car race, albeit a different car after Ed crashes Pete's. This time there are more zombies on the road and they're soon forced to leave Philip once he also turns into the living dead. This time they drive through Lyonsdown Avenue in New Barnet for the shots.

The two use the now dead Pete's car to go to Shaun's mother whose husband and Shaun's stepdad, Phillip was bitten by a zombie and is turning into one. They narrowly escape and use Phillip's Jaguar to go to Liz's where they rescue her and her friends David and Di however along the way to the Winchester Phillip is turned into zombie and they are all forced to leave behind their vehicle and blunt weapons.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) is a zombie-themed romantic comedy (or rom-zom-com as it dubs itself) about the misadventures of Shaun, a young man trapped in a rut who is attempting to sort out his life, reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, and settle his issues with his mother and stepfather, whilst simulataneously having to cope with an apocalyptic uprising of the undead that is causing society to collapse. 041b061a72


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