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Mold Wizard Nx6: An Introduction to the Software and Its Functions - How to Import or Create a Plastic Part Model, Generate Parting Surfaces and Lines, and Create Core and Cavity Models

plastic designers have been using slicing as a way to decompose their design into its component parts and then to plot each one on a separate graph for an eternity. so, whats new in nx? while there are some limitations, you can now use the mold wizard nx 6 workflow to create and manipulate detailed core/cavity geometries on your own. mold wizard is a special application for just this use case. but were not concerned about the theory behind it. lets just get it into production.

Mold Wizard Nx6 Tutorial Pdf Pdf

mold injection molding is the process of injecting a thermoplastic plastic directly into a mold, normally before the mold closes. unlike the more common process where the plastic is injected into a cavity, which is then cooled while the mold cavity remains hot, the mold is sealed and the injection takes place at the same time that the mold is heated, to help prevent mold tearing. the advantage is that the molds can be used over and over, keeping tooling costs low. mold wizard works to use polymer which have a high glass transition temperature as mold materials, but not for every polymer.

you should also open up the preview group of the reuse library to see what these molds will look like, at least in the basic definition. upon selecting an actual mold base member, be patient. mold wizard is going to not only show you a picture in that preview window but will also display a popup that has a side view diagram of the plate design.

the workpiece task allows us to define the core and cavity insert as one homogenous part. mold wizard can use that to calculate default mold base sizes, split into the individual regions using the parting geometry, and modify with the various mold tool. most of these procedures can be done without changing work or displayed part. mold wizard does that automatically.


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