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Kalarippayattu: The film also used Kalarippayattu, the traditional martial art of South India, for the fight sequences between Digambaran and Chemban choreographed by action director Arash.[11] Use of Kalari in the film followed the footsteps of Kalari-based movies like Palattu Koman (1962), Thacholi Othenan (1964), Kannappanunni (1977) and Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989),[12] as well as famous martial art film actor Jackie Chan's The Myth.[13][14] After Asoka, it was the second time the director had used Kalari (as it is known in popular coinage).

download film Banjaran 2 full movie

It is the first Malayalam feature screened using a satellite feed instead of conventional prints;[30] aimed at an international market. it was also dubbed in Tamil, Telugu (as Sivapuram), and English.[6][31] The release of Anandabhadram in India followed that of the horror movie Chandramukhi, starring Rajnikanth, which was a remake of the Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu, creating a brief success for the horror genre.[32] The film was showcased in Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema in 2006.[33]


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