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Complete Bleach and Hair Color kit in one! Everything you need for extremely vivid color - giving you the power to create bright, bold luscious raspberries hair color. Create head-turning looks with long-lasting, semi-permanent red hair color.


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Kate was interviewed by her favorite drummer, Budgie, from Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Slits, along with Lol Tolhurst from The Cure for their brilliant podcast, Curious Creatures! They talk about Kate interviewing Budgie when she was 15, sneaking into gigs, learning to play drums, and all the women in the punk and post punk scene who inspired Luscious Jackson. Check it out here or wherever you get your podcasts! #budgie #kateschellenbach #siouxsieandthebanshees #thecure #loltolhurst #lusciousjackson #beastieboys #theslits #siouxsiesioux #robertsmith #blondie #cultureclub #theface

late 15c., according to The Middle English Compendium a variant of Middle English licius "delicious" (c. 1400), which is a shortening of delicious, with the variant form perhaps influenced by Old French luxure, lusure. But OED 2nd ed. and Century Dictionary are against all this and the former considers it "of obscure origin" while the latter suggests lusty with a pseudo-Latin ending. John Palsgrave, the 16c. grammarian, spelled it lussyouse. Related: Lusciously; lusciousness.


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