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Buy Cheap Folding Chairs

EventStable offers a wide variety of wholesale folding chairs for any event. Whether you buy folding chairs for your rental company, event venue, hotel or church, you can count on every chair to be commercial-grade quality and party rental proven.

buy cheap folding chairs

We make ordering a breeze by offering free shipping on most folding chairs. Just meet minimum order quantities to qualify. Also, make sure to check out our folding chair packages, which include storage carts and covers and free shipping!

With large variety of wholesale folding chairs for sale, we're sure you'll find just what you need at We offer commercial folding chairs for just about any application. Whether you have a party rental company and need plastic folding chairs for graduations or you run an event venue and need white wood folding chairs for weddings, you can count on us to provide the expert advice to set you up properly, and the customer service to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Similar to our other popular wedding chairs and tables, our Resin Folding Chairs feature quantity pricing deals and always ship free when you 50+ or combine them with tables for a purchase over $5k.

EventStable offers a variety of steel folding chairs - from the comfortable and durable vinyl cushion chairs to our Triple-Braced plush, fabric padded folding chairs that are designed to support and provide long lasting relief at your next function.

Event if you're not interested in outfitting a school or banquet hall with steel folding chairs, our Card Table Package is a great addition to your own home so you can play mahjong until the early hours.

Each chair features a sturdy, black frame and eco-friendly, strong Acacia wood slats that make up the back and seat of our French Bistro Folding Chair are carefully stained to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance that gives way to an equally aesthetically welcoming shape on this unique wood folding chair.

If you have questions about any of our folding chairs for sale or if you want to talk to us about how to buy folding chairs in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us. You'll speak with a knowledgeable representitive who will be happy to help. Not seeing what you need or have a suggestion for a product we should carry? Just let us know!

Hey there, Will with EventStable. I'm standing in front of some of our most popular folding chairs for events. EventStable carries one of the largest folding chair selections available online. We have our own house brand of commercial-grade folding chairs, many of which we've used in our own California-based party rental company.

In addition to that, we carry a line of folding chairs from a variety of manufacturers, so we are confident that you'll be able to find the best folding chair for your party rental company, event venue, hotel, school, or place of worship here at EventStable. Click to read more

Size: We considered chairs in a range of sizes, but we preferred those that folded compactly. Some contenders with thick plastic seats took up too much space when folded (not ideal for an item that will be in storage much of the time).

Price and quantity: We looked for chairs that, ideally, were sold individually and cost about $30 or less. Most chairs we tested met this criteria, but some were sold only in two- or four-packs.

Despite the extra width, each chair folds up into a super-slim 4 inches, and although the specs list a weight of 11 pounds, our chair weighed in at 7 pounds on an at-home scale. As a result, these chairs are easy to move and store.

My rental company is charging 3$ per chair cover! Ouch! For 1$ you cant just rent a chair in the color you like....which I would do if it wasnt a pain to pick up 100 folding chairs in addition to the chairs we rented for the ceremony.

Does anyone know where I can buy or rent really cheap chair covers for standard folding chairs? I am at the end of my budget since we have pretty much purchased everything, so I really want to keep it inexpensive. Thanks!

All chair covers are 15% off until Thursday. You may want to check the dimensions of that chair first, though, as these are designed for plastic rather than metal folding chairs. The other option would be the universal chair covers here>> -covers-and-sashes/chair-covers/universal-chair-covers.html which would definitely fit. Hope this helps! Much less than $3 per chair!

Omg! Amber, the cost of their floor length table linens are CHEAPER than what I am paying for mid length ones! I can't believe that! This is the cheapest company I have seen yet! I am in shock of their prices, tha.k you so much, i will be contacting them. this could save me a lot!

Global Event Supply is one of the largest event furniture distribution networks in the nation. We specialize in Folding Tables, Folding Chairs, Chiavari Chairs, Crossback Chairs, and all things Event Decor. Global Event Supply has been in business for more than 14 years, with two distribution centers conveniently located in Texas and California. We offer top, commercial-grade quality and competitive pricing. Contact us today so we can get you the best deal on event tables and chairs.

Drake Corp. was the first to introduce high quality resin event chairs to the contract market, with the classic look and feel of wood plus all the advantages of resin. Over the past years, the company has set new standards, new records, and earned increasing respect from the contract community. New technology, plus Drake's tradition of producing quality, durable seating products have been the secrets of Drake's success.

The material used at Drake is a composite multi-layer techno-polymer which allows the manufacturing of special event resin folding chairs (including the traditional white folding chairs) that are the strongest and the lightest at the same time on the market. No one has been able so far to deliver a plastic chair that is as strong as Drake's, and so light that it makes transportation, storing and set up for events as cheap or as easy.

The aesthetic respects the old traditional look but... deep inside Drake Chiavari stacking chairs have been re-engineered ground-up. The NEW MIX of techno-polymers they are made of, makes them exceptionally strong, sturdy, and a far better alternative to a wood chair or to a plastic chair with a metallic insert, at a fraction of the weight...

DRAKE FURNITURE DIVISION SPECIAL EVENTS/ RESIN CHAIRDrake resin folding & stacking chairs: CHIP & STRUCTUREDrake FAN resin folding chairsDrake resin Chiavari chair stackingDRAKE FURNITURE DIVISION DESIGN/ RESIN & METAL LEG CHAIRDrake stacking chair and stool: Tre3Drake stacking stool: ElleDRAKE Bathroom Decor DIVISION/ RESIN TOILET SEATSDRAKE BAG DIVISION/ PIZZA BAGSThe material used at Drake's, a composite multi-layer techno-polymer, allows the manufacturing of special event resin chairs that are the strongest (tested at 500lb.) and the lightest (10lbs, only) at the same time on the market. No one has been able so far to deliver a plastic chair that is as strong as Drake's, and so light that it makes transportation, storing and set up for events as cheap or as easy.WHY DRAKE CHAIRS? Because we got the materials and the construction right!!! No need for metal reinforcement inside the chair that can cause stress points like happens with similar “Wanna Be Tough” competitors’ chairs. We simply got the best material for the job and the best engineering on the product.And we last, and last and last...

Ideal for temporary seating in a variety of situations and events, folding chairs are easy to store away, which is great if you are limited on storage space. They provide durable seating that can be transported with minimum hassle or fuss. Folding chairs are available in a range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, fabric and faux leather.

Durable and inexpensive, wood naturally matches almost any décor. Available in a range of styles, colours and wood types, wood has been a popular choice for chairs of all types for millennia. Wooden folding chairs tend to be heavier than metal or plastic, but they are a durable and attractive option for permanent or semi-permanent seating.

Also relatively inexpensive and highly durable, metal is a material that is widely available. Metals such as aluminium are extremely light, making aluminium folding chairs both cheap and extremely portable. Heavier metals such as steel or iron are also good choices for more semi-permanent seating, but they can be tough to lug around.

One of the most common materials for folding chairs, plastic, like wood and metal, is inexpensive. Plastic is very easy to clean and can come in almost any shape, style or colour. It is light and relatively durable, as well as being water resistant.

Like fabric, faux leather folding chairs are very comfortable, but they are also more resistant to general wear and tear. Faux leather is also waterproof and easy to clean with none of the upkeep required associated with real leather.

Choosing a folding chair depends primarily on its purpose. If deploying hundreds for an event or moving them from place to place, lightweight materials must take precedence. For permanent or semi-permanent use such as in kitchens or offices, a heavier, more attractive material can be used. Make your choice based on your intended use and you will get many years from your chosen furniture.

Beige Padded Folding Chair - Beige 1-in Vinyl Seat These heavy-duty beige padded folding chairs provide a durable seating option that's simple to store and easy to transport. Each beige vinyl padded folding chair features a sturdy 7/8-in. round,...

Black Padded Folding Chair - Black 1-in Vinyl Seat These heavy-duty black padded folding chairs provide a durable seating option that's simple to store and easy to transport. Each black vinyl padded folding chair features a sturdy 7/8-in. round,... 041b061a72


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