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Beyonce: The President's Daughter - A Review of the 2006 Ghanaian Movie

Beyonce: The President's Daughter - A Review of the 2006 Ghanaian Movie

Beyonce: The President's Daughter is a 2006 Ghanaian movie directed by Frank Rajah Arase and starring Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker and others. The movie tells the story of Beyonce (Buari), the spoiled and arrogant daughter of the president of Ghana, who falls in love with Raj (Vicker), a humble supermarket worker. However, Raj is already engaged to Ciara (Appiah), a kind and loyal woman who loves him deeply. Beyonce does not care about Raj's relationship and uses her power and influence to get him for herself. She faces opposition from Ciara, Raj's family and friends, and even her own father, who disapproves of her behavior. Will Beyonce succeed in winning Raj's heart or will she learn a lesson in humility and respect?

The movie is a drama with elements of romance and comedy. It explores themes such as love, greed, jealousy, family, friendship, politics and social class. The movie was well received by critics and audiences alike, who praised the performances of the cast, especially Buari and Appiah, who played contrasting roles. The movie also won several awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007, including Best Actress in a Leading Role for Buari and Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Appiah. The movie was followed by a sequel, Beyonce: The President's Daughter Part 2, which continued the story of the characters.

Beyonce: The President's Daughter is a movie that showcases the talent and diversity of Ghanaian cinema. It is a movie that entertains and educates at the same time. It is a movie that you should not miss.

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One of the highlights of the movie is the chemistry between Buari and Vicker, who play the star-crossed lovers Beyonce and Raj. Buari portrays Beyonce as a complex character, who is not just a spoiled brat, but also a vulnerable and lonely woman, who seeks love and attention in the wrong ways. Vicker plays Raj as a decent and honest man, who is torn between his loyalty to Ciara and his attraction to Beyonce. He also shows his courage and integrity when he stands up to Beyonce's father and his own family, who pressure him to marry Beyonce for money and power. The two actors deliver convincing and emotional performances that make the audience root for them, despite their flaws and mistakes.

Another highlight of the movie is the role of Jackie Appiah, who plays Ciara, Raj's fiancee and Beyonce's rival. Appiah gives a remarkable performance as a woman who suffers from Beyonce's schemes and manipulations, but does not give up on her love for Raj. She also shows her strength and dignity when she confronts Beyonce and defends herself from her insults and attacks. Appiah's character is a contrast to Beyonce's character, as she represents humility, kindness, loyalty and grace. She is a role model for young women who face challenges in their relationships and lives.

The movie also has some humorous scenes that lighten up the mood and balance the drama. For example, there is a scene where Beyonce's father (Nii Ablorh) tries to bribe Raj's mother (Stella Armah) with a suitcase full of money, but she rejects it and throws it back at him. There is also a scene where Raj's friend (Freeman Ekow) pretends to be a lawyer and threatens to sue Beyonce's father for kidnapping Raj. The movie also has some catchy songs that accompany the scenes and add to the entertainment value. 29c81ba772


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