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Where To Buy Forto Coffee [EXCLUSIVE]

Forto's organic cold brew coffee has slowly been making its way into caffeine-seekers' homes throughout the year, but with its new partnership with four well-known brands in the coffee space, it's likely that you'll be seeing a whole lot more of these coffee shots in the weeks and months to come. At the beginning of November, the company partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and The Original Donut Shop in order to bring the flavors that you've come to know and love into a more easily consumable form.

where to buy forto coffee

For the coffee purists who would prefer their coffee without any sweeteners or dilutions, my recommendation would certainly be the Green Mountain Pure Black coffee shot. I found the coffee flavor to be compounded by the small volume, but it's not so strong that you'll feel ill after downing the shot. Alternatively, there's the gentler Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Latte, which tastes more like a milkshake (in a good way) than a caffeine boost, and the Green Mountain Mocha, which integrates just the right amount of chocolate into the beverage to make it worth your while.

Throw them in your bag at the beginning of the day, and thanks to their leak-proof seal and TSA-approved size, these guys can go literally anywhere you go. When you've taken your shot, simply recycle the bottle.

While I was certainly skeptical about the amount of energy I'd be able to derive from a mere two ounces of caffeine, I've never been so pleased to be proven wrong. Not only does Forto reduce the amount of coffee breath that I (and more saliently, my coworkers) have to put up with, but these shots also make it such that I have to spend much less time getting my caffeine fix. And if the whole point of caffeinating is to maximize efficiency, then it seems that Forto is truly the pinnacle of productivity.

Now available at - Forto Coffee ready-to-drink energy shots. Forto uses USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified Arabica coffee beans to make these flavorful energy drinks. Coffee shots are produced using the cold brew method which extends the brew time from a few minutes to about 20 hours resulting in a delicious naturally sweet extracted product. There are 3 flavors available, Hershey's chocolate is available in the "Single Shot" and the Vanilla and Mocha flavors are "Double Shots". Single shots contain 100mg of caffeine while the double shots contain 200mg of caffeine. Click here to buy now .

Retired professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal may be kicking himself over a missed opportunity to invest in Starbucks, but he's not letting another coffee-related investment opportunity pass him by.

In June, O'Neal became an investor in Dyla Brands, which makes FORTO coffee shots, according to BevNET. O'Neal also signed on as the face of a $20 million media campaign for the coffee shot product. The size of his investment has not been disclosed.

In a video clip, captioned "The secret to Shaq energy," the former NBA star holds a FORTO coffee shot and says, "You know what happens when I drink one of these? This is what happens." In the next scene, O'Neal takes the stage at a hyped DJ set, which serves as a metaphor for how energizing the tiny shots are.

It makes sense that O'Neal would want to collaborate with a well-known coffee brand. After all, he's seen how it's worked out for former NBA player Magic Johnson, who paired up with Starbucks back in 1998.

"My biggest mistake was not investing in Starbucks," O'Neal tells CNBC Make It. "I had the opportunity before Magic Johnson but I told Howard Schultz that black people don't drink coffee because I never seen anyone in my family drink coffee," he says, referring to Starbucks' former CEO.

FORTO appears to be a brand Shaq truly believes in. As Premkumar told BevNET: "He got in touch and told us 'I'm drinking this all the time. Literally, this little coffee gives Big Shaq energy.' It was an amazing revelation for him that if this works for him, it's going to work for everybody."

Forto's coffee shots are 2-ounce ready-to-drink coffee shots that come in 100mg or 200mg of caffeine content and in a wide variety of flavors.As Forto coffee shots have been getting increasingly popular, well-known coffee brands have been partnering with Forto to create their own signature coffee shot flavors.These include brands like Dunkin Donuts, Green mountain, The Original Donut Shop, and even Hershey's chocolate.

Forto coffee shots have options that would appeal to coffee drinks across the whole coffee spectrum. If you prefer your coffee back, which no sweetness or dilutions than the Forto Pure Black or Green Mountain Pure Black coffee shot is perfect for you.

Flavors: Forto Coffee continues to come out with new flavors and partners with popular coffee house brands to bring even more options to customers. The wide variety of flavors will satisfy the taste pallets of coffee drinks across the spectrum.

Ingredients: The nutritional profile make Forto Coffee Shots a healthier alternative to sugar and syrup coffee drinks from coffee houses. They are low in sugar and calories but still have an amazing taste and caffeine boost.

Price: Some people have complained that the price is too high. In reality, it is cheaper than the average coffee beverage that you would get at Starbuck or Mcdonald's. It's even cheaper than an energy drink form the gas station. Plus, you can lower the average cost per coffee shot with coupons and subscribe and save programs.

You can buy Forto coffee shops from Amazon and directly from Forto on their website.You can also find Forto Coffee shots in some grocery stores, but from what I have seen, you will get the best deals if you order them online.On Amazon, you can order Forto flavors in 6 or 12 packs. These coffee shot qualify for the ""Subscribe and Save"" for 5-15% discount. The cost per shot comes out to be $1.80 if you subscribe to the delivery of a 12 pack.The best place to buy Forto Coffee Shots is from because you can often get discounts like 20% off. I also highly recommend signing up for their newsletter for the latest deals and promos. You can get 10% off your order if you sign up for an automatic delivery from Fortocoffee.comAnother perk is that they offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you have any issues or are not happy, the Forto team will gladly work with you.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.22.7" text_font="Poppins300" text_font_size="17px" header_font="" header_2_font="" header_2_font_size="29px" header_2_line_height="1.4em" custom_padding="11px"]

Forto coffee is quickly increasingly popular as more and more people are discovering the tasty coffee shots.One popular place to buy Forto Coffee Shots is on Amazon and customers have been giving great feedback in the hundreds of reviews and an average 4.3 / 5 start rating.Here are the highlights from the Forto Coffee Shot Amazon reviews on what people liked:

Travel Day: I recently did some traveling and between driving to/from airports, flight time and layover time I ended up being awake for 24 hours. The Forto COffee Shots (200mg) was what made it all possible! It was great to be able to easily take them with me to the airport. It saved me from having to buy overpriced airport coffee or drink the complementary bland coffee served on the airplane! Forto Coffee has officially made it to top of my packing lists!

The Forto Shot can be drank straight or added to another drink. I use a Vitamix regularly to make my morning health shakes and plan to add this coffee shot to my concoction sometime soon. Of course, how good it tastes will depend on what ingredients you use in your shake to begin with.

In concluding this Forto Coffee Shot review, I can say that it lives up to its reputation as one of the best organic coffee shots on the market. It's worth mentioning that it may be a tad strong for folks who aren't big on sweetness. But then again, that's why have other options available. Its fast-acting nature combined with its very enjoyable taste has opened my eyes and treated my taste buds to a whole new experience.

His favorite type of brew is a single origin medium roast via a Pour Over. He prefers a balanced brew that's smooth but still delivers complex flavor. That is definitely his version of coffee heaven. One of his simplest yet most fulfilling pleasures in life is sipping on a good cup of coffee while sitting outside.

Best Quality Coffee, as our name suggests, is dedicated to bringing you the best in coffee products. This includes everything from single origin beans sourced from the best coffee-growing regions in the world to exotic K cups and Coffee Pods. Additionally, we've curated a large selection of coffee and espresso machines for virtually every situation whether it's home use or a large office space. As deep coffee lovers ourselves, we believe shopping the highest quality coffee products should be quick, easy, and cost-effective.

"I can enjoy a FORTO Coffee Shot anytime, anywhere," said O'Neal. "Plus, it's organic, tastes great, and best of all, it fits in my pocket. These coffee shots have given me the energy to stay active and I'm excited to be at the forefront of the future of coffee."

"Shaq embodies what FORTO is all about: fast-acting, positive energy," says Neel Premkumar, Founder and CEO of FORTO Coffee. "He's a living example of how FORTO can help people get the most out of their days from a coffee drink that they can feel good about."

FORTO Coffee Shots are available in more than 50,000 retail locations nationwide, as well as online on Amazon and at They come in a variety of delicious flavors, including Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Latte, and more.

About FORTOFORTO is the #1 Coffee Shot, a ready-to-drink beverage providing the equivalent energy of two cups of coffee in a 2-ounce shot. Fast-acting and made with 100% organic coffee, FORTO is leading a new wave of ready-to-drink coffees that are changing the way people get their daily energy boost. FORTO is owned by Dyla Brands, one of the fastest-growing beverage manufacturers in America. FORTO is sold in over 50,000 retail locations nationally, on Amazon, and at To learn more about FORTO, visit 041b061a72


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