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Selected EDM Sessions 1 (Remix)

Get live weekly masterclasses, 1-2-1 sessions, and Point Blank's world-renowned curriculum delivered online by expert music industry instructors. Enroll now to start online classes in April & kickstart your career.

Selected EDM Sessions 1 (Remix)

Become is a new EP featuring five previously unreleased songs recorded during the Once Twice Melody sessions. This RSD-exclusive edition is on crystal-clear vinyl, and it is limited to 8,000 copies in the US. American DaughterDevil's PoolHoliday HouseBlack MagicBecome

Taylor Swifts 3rd GRAMMY Album of the Year, folklore, was recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown. Taylor and her collaborators were never able to play the album together... until the Long Pond Studio Sessions in September 2020. This is the first time folklore: the long pond studio sessions' will be available on vinyl. Recorded live, the album features Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner (The National), Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver).

DISC 1SIDE A 1. the 1 - the long pond studio sessions2. cardigan - the long pond studio sessions3. the last great american dynasty - the long pond studio sessions4. exile - the long pond studio sessions feat. Bon Iver DISC 1 SIDE B1. my tears ricochet - the long pond studio sessions2. mirrorball - the long pond studio sessions3. seven - the long pond studio sessions4. august - the long pond studio sessions5. this is me trying - the long pond studio sessions

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gods of the Earth, The Sword presents a newly remixed and remastered edition of their seminal second album on limited Pyrite color vinyl. Each song has been remixed from the original recording sessions by engineer J. Robbins and the LP is housed in a deluxe mirrorboard jacket with printed inner sleeve and download card. A1. The SunderingA2. The Frost-Giant's DaughterA3. How Heavy This AxeA4. LordsA5. Fire Lances of the Ancient HyperzephyriansA6. To Take the Black

During the initial call, we'll uncover the issues that you're facing - what you're stuck on, what you want to improve, what you're not clear about and what you want to achieve. From that conversation, your mentor will be able to identify the topics to be covered in your sessions. Of course, once the sessions start you can ask about and get help on anything you like!

With the launch of this brand new mentoring service, we're keen to balance the cost and effectiveness of your sessions. We believe having multiple sessions will allow you to consolidate your learning better, thereby bringing you greater value. After each session, you'll be working on things your mentor has tasked you with so follow-up check-ins and further advice will ensure your skills get stronger and more embedded in your workflow.

No. During our initial call with you we'll work out a schedule for each of your sessions so it fits with your diary. A week between them is a good rough guide, but it's not set in stone. Flexibility rules.

Good question. Mentor My Production is a commitment on both our parts - on our mentors and on you. So we'll expect you to attend all 4 sessions and between them put into practice what you've learned. But hey, that's nothing more than you'd expect or want from a service that you're spending your hard-earned cash on, right?

When you enroll in the Hyperbits Masterclass, you'll get access to an incredible back-catalogue of exclusive sessions with industry guest experts, covering a wide array of trending, current topics. These sessions will help you navigate both the technical and business sides of the music industry.

Whether you have questions about your homework, questions during live sessions and office hours, or questions in the Discord server, a Hyperbits team member will always get back to you with direct feedback and support.

Hiring a private coach can be very expensive. It will cost you about $15,000 to do 2 sessions per week for an entire year at $150 per hour (the going rate for good instruction). And while there are some decent production coaches, there are also a lot of quacks that are just trying to make a quick buck.

One-on-one sessions throughout the Masterclass for the Coaching Tier students will be scheduled based on student and instructor availability. We will accommodate time slots based on your schedule and offer an array of morning and afternoon time slots. 041b061a72


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