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Where To Buy Suprep _VERIFIED_

I have a big family history, great grand mother, my grandfather died from colon cancer that spread everywhere, two uncles, the one uncle is currently going on hospice finding it has spread to his liver. My mom had polyps removed before the insurance recommended age.

where to buy suprep

I am 30 this is my second colonoscopy and endoscopy. They made me this time have two days of no solid food just clear liquids. 8 dulcolax, 8.3 oz miralax and 2 6oz suprep. Was much worse than my first one exspecially with small children to attend too.

I am 58 and had my first colonoscopy/endoscopy. I did not find this sight until I was beginning my cleanse so I did not change my diet prior to cleanse and eat steak and chicken the day before the prep. I used suprep bowel prep kit which split the prep between the night before and the day of the procedure. My doctor also added Magnesium Citrate late at night the day before the procedure. The first prep dose I took I added Gatoraid , Glacier Cherry which is white in color. I thought this prep was the worst. I drank water after every drink of the prep all the while hating it. At 10:00 PM I took Magnesium Citrate which was easy to take and much better tasting. The day of the procedure, I took the second half of the Suprep Bowel Prep Kit but this time I just added water. This tasted much better, which is not saying much, because it was still bad tasting. I still I had to take a drink of water after every drink of the prep. Even though the instructions said that I should put anything in my mouth but the prep kit, 2 hours later I was so thirsty that I drank water. Drinking the water did not cause problems because I drank it several hours before the procedure.

thank you for sharing!!!!i was stressed because in the past i used HalfLIghtly prep where i did that the morning before the procedure and did not have to do it a second time later..i liked that one but guess it has been now this time will have to use one of the new ones..I have a hard time with change:) this will be my 4th colonoscopy..used the phosopho soda one the first time and then the HalfLIghtly twice..(i wonder if there is something out there that iworks like the to do what gotto do..thanks all 041b061a72


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