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Elie Saab Black Dress Buy

While the Oscars saw plenty of stars in Arab designers on the red carpet, Lady Gaga took regional talent to the stage at the Grammy Awards last night. After walking into the event in an asymmetrical black and white Armani Privé gown, the star slipped into a custom Elie Saab dress for her performance.

elie saab black dress buy

Fellow nominee Rooney Mara, who has been photographed in black dresses at a number of red carpet affairs, went the opposite route and chose an ivory Givenchy dress for the Oscars. Its plunging neckline, droopy folded bodice and lingerie-style back earned her disses from many but props from fashion insiders.

New techniques such as laser cutting are to thank for the ever-evolving reinventions of lace. Designers have employed the use of this technique in their Spring/Summer 2015 collections which feature intricately patterned laser-cut lace white dresses in varying lengths as with Valentino or black lace boho tops and full-length lace gowns in cobalt blue, classic white and black for Elie Saab.

Flashes of swirling color, including neon blue, nicely fused the themes of cycling and combat, while structured black leather coats with eyelets, straps, buckles and zippers merged biker gear with traditional Asian dress. 041b061a72


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