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Optional Oracle Server Patches for Oracle (UNIX)1. Patch 4522561 Base Bug(s): 4522561 (*a)2. Patch 4707226 Base Bug(s): 4707226 (see 961648)3. Patch 5442780 Base Bug(s): 5442780 (see 972574)This patch is relevant for HPUX IA64 only.4. Patch 5391568 Base Bug(s): 4522561, 4883174 (see 978464)(*M) (*a)5. Patch 4773931 Base Bug(s): 4773931 (*b)6. Patch 5029334 Base Bug(s): 5029334 (*G)7. Patch 4952782 Base Bug(s): 4952782 (see 1010392)8. Patch 4689959 Base Bug(s): 4689959 (see 1019133)(*c)9. Patch 5442919 Base Bug(s): 5442919 (see 1045320)10. Patch 5581518 Base Bug(s): 5508574, 5567141(see 1025537) (*M) (*d)11. Patch 5593621 Base Bug(s): 5593621 (see 1054897) (*P) (*e)12. Patch 5724540 Base Bug(s): 5724540 (see 1081325)13. Patch 5308692 Base Bug(s): 5308692 (see 1089680)Key:(*M)Merge patch(*G) Generic patch(*P) Port-specific patch(*a)Patch 5391568 is a merge fix. It contains the corrections that are contained in patch 4522561. Patch 4522561 (*2) is therefore only removed when you apply patch 5391568 before you apply patch 5391568.(*b)This patch is a generic patch that is only relevant when you upgrade a database from to*c)Impact of 2007 USA daylight saving (DST) changes on Oracle:If the database server runs in a time zone that is listed in the README file of the patch, install the patch on the server. Download the patch for platform AIX and refer to the README file that is contained in the patch.(*d)This is only relevant for large systems with more than 31 CPUs.(*e)This patch is only relevant for systems on HP Itanium VPAR platforms for which the number of CPUs is changed during productive operation without restarting the instance.CPU patches for Oracle (UNIX) For the installation of CPU patches on Unix platforms or Linux platforms for Oracle, the following applies in theSAP environment:CPU patches are optional.Only apply a CPU patch if there are important reasons for doing so.If a conflict arises between the CPU patch and another mandatory path, you must decide which patch you will install.that CPU patches should not be installed in a collective installation using mopatch, but separately (individually) using opatch. The current MOPatch version does not distinguish between normal patches and a CPU patch. Therefore, when you download patches from SAP Service Marketplace, it is better to immediately save CPU patches and normal patches in separate directories.The following CPU patches are d in the SAP environment for Oracle for Unix platforms and Linux platforms.1. Oracle CPU registered with the date July 16, 2007 patch 6079588: (see 1076362)

Download Oracle Database For Windows Download Torrent

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