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Interesting, I definitely noticed that our annuum plants seemed to pollinate super easily indoors as well, while the superhots were struggling. They also just seem to produce less pollen overall. As for the blueberries, we have a yard now so I would like to get some of them going outside FIRST, then maybe get silly and try to grow in the aerogarden.

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After your plants die and/or you have decided to switch them, it would then be a perfect time to clean and sanitize your aerogarden. If you do not clean it, you risk the spreading of bacteria and root pathogens! They can critically impact the plants that you will grow indoors in your smart garden.

Hi, just read your interesting blog. I have a suggestion. Instead of buying replacement sponges, I used cocofiber, that you can buy cheaply to put into hanging baskets, and made it into a tube shape, and put it in my aerogarden instead of sponges, and it worked! I have seedlings that came up in it. I also read about someone who used foam insulation tape, and put it in an old pod and it worked for them. Much cheaper than buying replacement sponges. 041b061a72


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