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Stocks to Riches: How Parag Parikh Teaches You to Invest Like a Pro

compounding is a fancy term that is used to describe how adding together a series of small gains or losses can actually make an enormous difference in the end. it is certainly effective for investors looking to build wealth over time. but it might not be for every investor. just like most investors, i had never heard of compounding until i started reading the book the snowball. so i went ahead with the reading. i was surprised by the power of compounding and according to me the buffett book is the best investment book in the market.

stocks to riches by parag parikh pdf free 300

he has written a book called the simple millionaire and co-authored another titled the new millionaire for people who want to invest for just rs.1000. parikh has participated in many courses at the institute of chartered accountants of india and is currently a member of the global corporate governance networks international leadership council and the dow jones & company's trustees for the 2002-2012 term.

parikh helped popularize the concept of black box investing by changing the perception of stock investing from doing it 'better' to doing it 'different'. his focus on safe investing, diverse portfolio and risk management, personalised investment, and measurement of the portfolios contribution to personal financial well-being provide proof of the effectiveness of his approach to stock investing.

parikh's not-for-profit organization, called the innovative finance foundation, provides financial products and services to low-income families, women, and micro and small enterprises in india. he is the founder-chairman of the foundation and honorary chairman of the india investment funds association.


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