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we strive to bring customers value at a price they can afford. as a proven canadian manufacturer of truck and boat caps, tonneau covers, and other truck cap accessories, we know what it takes to design, produce, and deliver truck toppers that stand up to the dirt, moisture, sun, and stress of the canadian road and marine environment.

leer caps serial number lookup

one of the things that sets ranch fiberglass apart is the expertise of our craftspeople. from designing, sketching, and designing the parts, to the forging, bending, caulking, painting, and fitting, to the assembly and checking of each unit upon completion, we have assembled a team of highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen who can turn your ideas into a finished truck topper or tonneau cover. our project managers guide you through every step of the production process so you know exactly where you stand at every point.

ranch fiberglass has been a leader in fiberglass truck caps, truck tonneau covers, boat tonneau covers, boat decks, bow rails, truck caps and truck tonneau covers for over 28 years. we offer an incredibly wide array of truck cap and tonneau covers to choose from, many in two, and sometimes three, sizes. besides our wide array of truck cap sizes and tonneau covers, we also have a variety of accessories, pre-assembled truck covers, and truck cap kits.

think of us as your online source for all things truck cap. you can choose from our web store with your credit card or if you prefer, you can even purchase directly from us online or over the phone. regardless of your location, we can still get you the best prices from anywhere in canada. here is how ranch fiberglass makes your truck cap purchasing experience easy:


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