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Soul Eater Episode 34

Soon, Stein and Marie enter the magnetic field in search of Brew. After fifteen minutes, Kid begins checking his clock noticing that it hasn't been five minutes; it was longer and that Stein and Marie was late. Maka remarks that she can not sense Stein and Marie's soul wavelengths anymore and that it just disappeared and mentions that something is happening in there. Kid attempts to march inside the magnetic field to see what was happening since it wouldn't do any harm to his shinigami body. Maka stops him and says that he can't go in alone by himself. Black Star runs after Maka and Kid and says he will be joining them too.

Soul Eater Episode 34

In Arachne's headquarters, Arachne commands her grunts that Brew should immediately be obtained at all costs. She says the best way to hide Brew was to get rid of it by blowing it up but then states that it would be hard to blow it up. The episode ends with her being confident that she will obtain Brew, and not DWMA or the witches.

On the east side of the island, Sid Barrett, wielding both Mira Naigus and Azusa Yumi in their weapon forms, leads his commandos through the remains of the old demon tool development facility. Sid and other commandos are amazed at the level of damage that the prior explosion caused. But Sid reminds everyone to be more careful, as their soul-sensing abilities and radios are disrupted by the demonic energy's magnetic field.

But as Sid gives his warning, one of his commandos is knocked down dead, attacked by an Arachnophobia ambush. Sid quickly slices into an approaching soldier, leaving only the soldier's soul behind. Azusa alerts Sid to the presence of the advance unit in the ruins below. Sid looks to see almost all of his commandos killed by the samurai Sid fought earlier at the Arachnophobia facility, Mifune. Sid instructs Naigus to revert to human form and take his instructions to soldiers, while he and Azusa pursue Mifune.

Maka, Soul Eater, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, and Patty and Liz Thompson are the characters Soul Eater revolves around. Besides taking the time to gather souls these students of Shibusen defend Death City from some of the most powerful of creatures while still attending school and trying to become stronger.

If you are still on the edge of your seat after the last episode of Attack on Titan, you are not alone. The battle between Eren and the Armored Titan was some of the craziest action in the whole franchise, and the episode left fans wondering what is going to happen next. Following the jaw dropping battle, the summary and preview for the next episode have been revealed and it looks intense.

In the preview (seen above) for the episode fans see Eren loosing his cool on Reiner & Bertholdt. This episode looks to be very emotional as fans may finally get some more answers as to the why everything is happening, as well as some resolution between the two. It also shows more titans as well as Mikasa and the scouts. If you thought this season couldn't get any better, buckle in, because it is about to get crazy.

The party arrives at Mikakage, a country with predominant Feudal Japanese aesthetics but also with European-looking merchants and workers. There are several different races like the Demi-Human Grass people, the "Jewel" people (like Therese) and "Spirit" people (which resemble Glass) who are very dependent on pure spirit energy. Kizuna explains that due to this, Spirit people normally cannot grind levels easily, and thus only incorporeal attacks (like Naofumi's Soul Eater Shield) can truly affect them. Kizuna also adds that this kind of energy can only be recovered by normal means, and healing items won't work for it, so Spirit people benefit less from magic than other races. They soon see notices saying that the neighbouring countries are possibly breeding monsters to use as weapons and researching teleport technologies in other to artificially reproduce the Heroes's unique abilities. As they take shelter for the night in a close-by inn, Kizuna explains the resemblances about the currencies in this and Naofumi's world, and the girl assures her need for more money. Naofumi uses his Shield to craft a soul-soothing potion, which restores SP (soul power) - which he remembers L'Arc having given one to Glass to restore her status in the last Wave -, and Kizuna states that this kind of potion is extremely valuable for Spirit people, so Naofumi intends to grind levels and sell these potions to earn money fast. Raphtalia feels envious of Rishia's red fish dish, but the green-haired girl willingly gives it to the tanuki girl, since demi-humans need more food for growth (much to Raphtalia's embarrassment).

The next day, using folkloric masks to disguise themselves as travelling merchants, Naofumi's party announce and sell a lot of soul potions to Spirit people, making money quite fast. Later, in the nearby woods, they take down a huge two-headed dragon monster, though they oddly did not gain any EXP. Kizuna's Hunting Tool crafts an Earth Stone, which restores magic once held in hand, and Naofumi instantly earns 3000 EXP; Naofumi in turn gives Magic Water to Kizuna, but the girl only gains weapon enhancement EXP. Later that day, Naofumi auctions one soul-soothing potion, which is bought by a rich-looking young guy buys for 30 gyokugin (silver doumons); Rishia then "trips down" (on Kizuna's hand hitting her legs) and loses an entire box of potions, but one last bottle is still safe, and then sold for 4 kinban (a kinban is a gold doumon, worth 100 silver ones). With more than enough money to buy a pass to the capital, they decide to buy new equipments - more specifically, Japanese-style clothes for them all. Kizuna doesn't want to change her haori (the upper part of a traditional kimono), since it was given to her by Glass herself. They finally get to the country capital, where it's pretty cold - a possible sign of incoming snow. At a nearby castle with tight security, a crowd is gathered where they know about how a genius mage from another nation developed a way to replicate the Dragon Return Vein, but Naofumi's party shares a worry about "who" this genius mage could be... instead, they see a completely different person, a young man accompanied by two girl guards and an older man, the young man in question has short blue hair with a small ponytail, dresses in regal winter clothes, and flaunts a nasty smirk.

Based on Kentaro Miura's manga of the same name, Berserk is a twenty-five-episode anime series (1997) about Guts, a skilled, lone swordsman, and Griffith, leader of the "Band of the Hawk'' mercenaries. They join forces, winning battles as an unmatched battle group. But a falling out leads Guts to leave the Hawks, which triggers a chain of events that leads to a confrontation with the gods that costs him an eye and arm. Despite the insurmountable odds and extreme grief, Guts survives.

The episode begins with Muscle Man driving his car and eating chips on his way to Starla's. He almost passes by Starla's apartment building but backs up. He gets out of his car and rings the doorbell and Starla answers greeting him with a kiss. Muscle Man tells Starla she looks nice. She is about to say the same thing to him when she realizes he's wearing two different shoes. She asks him why he's wearing two different shoes to which he replies he's been taking power lunches and hasn't been watching his feet lately. Starla tells Muscle Man he'll always be her power lunch but maybe the two of them should try eating healthier. She suggests they go on a diet to Muscle Man's surprise. Starla says she'll do it with muscle Man and that it'd be fun. Muscle Man agrees to Starla's happiness. Starla said their diet will start that night and that they could go to a new restaurant called Salad Corral.

The next scene shows the guys going to all Muscle Man's favorite restaurants like Candy's doughnut shop, Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs, Wing Kingdom, and finally, Hot Buns Doggery. Muscle Man asks the vendor, Marty, for a hot dog but the Marty says there's nothing he can do. Muscle Man's only way of getting a hot dog is by entering a hot dog eating contest being held at Hot Buns Doggery. Muscle Man signs up for the contest and says that it is his last delicious meal before getting healthy for Starla. All of a sudden Death comes out riding on a motorcycle and says "More like your delicious last meal." Mordecai asks Death what he's doing there and Death says "Boy, you guys really are fools, don't you remember?" It then shows a flashback from the end of Dead at Eight of Death tell Muscle Man, Mordecai, and Rigby that he get Muscle Man's soul when he enters a hotdog-eating contest. Back to the present, Muscle Man says he's not a real entrant in the contest. Death holds up the paper which says "Sign up for real entrants". Muscle Man then regrets signing up. Mordecai says that Muscle Man just shouldn't participate. Death says Muscle Man has to participate and if Muscle Man doesn't then Death would just take Muscle Man's soul right then and there. Rigby defends Muscle Man, saying that Death only wants his soul because he's jealous of Muscle Man living a better life than he is. Death protests, saying he lives all kinds of life. Rigby criticizes Death, saying that he's probably never had the guts to enter a hotdog-eating competition. Death signs up for the contest saying if he wins he gets Muscle Man's soul. Mordecai says that if Muscle Man wins he doesn't die.

After the contest gets over Death is leaving and Marty says "Here's your complimentary t-shirt you loser!" Death is furious at this and tells Marty "You better enjoy the next few days 'cause your deadline just got moved up, bigtime!" before leaving. Muscle Man tells Starla he'll eat the wheatgerm if it'll make Starla happy. She tells him she got them Wing Kingdom brand wheatgerm. Muscle Man says nobody gets him the way Starla does and makes out with her some more. The episode ends with Rigby asking Mordecai "Should we tell Muscle Man there's a hot dog sticking out of his pocket?" and Mordecai tells Rigby "Nah, he'll figure it out for himself." 041b061a72


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