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Milf On Boy

so when i was 11 yo my neighbours niece and her boy friend came to visit him they where like 42 or something my neighbour wasn't home but they came anyway i don't know why maybe to watch over the house or something and, first they starting sunning he in his swimshort and his wife in bikini and later she took her bikini off and i could see her big tits in a small peeping whole we had ( the houses where seperated with a wooden wall) so after a while my brother shot a football over the fence and he wanted to get it and looked over the wall where it landed and saw that milfs tits and was peeping to . but i only peeped if noone was around because i didn't want them to now that i knew that she had her tits popped out. then my dad asked my brother to get the baall back and he didn't want to because he would run in into the tits lol . so he wanted to get the ball himself but didn't maybe he saw the milf with her tits out maybe not i don't now. then we had dinner and i rushed all the food into my mouth to go back outside so i could watch her tits when i was all alone. but when i came back she was gone . shit! and i wished i had a cellphone back then to film her amazing tits fuck

milf on boy

Hi i'm looking for this milf name or more videos... i think i saw another one of her fucking the boys in the kitchen... thanks!!! upload deleted reply favorite add to gallery permalink Share Copy Quote Strike Insert Image url Insert Insert link url Insert Post as Anonymous Attachments are disabled for system maintenance.

I am just dying to be some older woman's boy toy!!! I want for that sexy milf to call me up at random times of the day telling me that she is horny as hell and that she needs a fucking. Id drop everything to come over and make sure that she is twitching and trembling from all of the orgasms that I just gave her. CALLING ALL MILFS let me be that sexy young man that you need that hard cock from!!!!!

I am a married man and i love my wife. But women you get married women say things don't change but they do. My wife was a sexy freaky little thing she was so fine not that she isn't still fine and sexy. It was different everybody I knew wanted her and I knew it and she knew it. Now that has not changed much But It has in the fact that now little boys you know teenagers look at her and think dam look at that milf instead of dam look at her she fine as hell. But that's not the problem the problem is she has stopped being the woman she was when I met her when I met her. She use to wear these little tight dresses that showed off her ass and them titties and she would be wild in the club just shaking that ass like their was no tomorrow. Now she barely dances and as far as being wild any but wild she doesn't hit on other girls any more I remember she could walk in to a store any store and flirt with any clerk and get some shit for free. Or maybe it was the fact that she knew a lot of people I really don't know but times have changed. There was a time that she would have her friend come over and all of us would fuck like there was nothing in the world that matter now she just doesn't want any one at the house she barely gets naked were I can see her. Like she is hiding something but it not that she thinks she looks terrible but she doesn't she thinks her tits are saggy but they aren't they are still perky and up. But when she looks at them it's like they hang to the floor and I just want to know what is wrong with these women. And they way they see them selves. And i always tell her she is beautiful and that she is sexy but it doesn't work. Sex has gotten boring and I have tried somethings i said i would never do a MFM threesome I did that twice it was nice but that didn't work she went back to the same thing. That all i just had to get that off my chest Thanks Motherless. 041b061a72


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