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Under The Dome - Complete Season 1 !LINK!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Julia Shumway, Reporter With Great Hair, sees a woman drowning in the lake. Despite having a perfectly good boat right next to her, she dives into the water, and drags her out. Unfortunately this is not Mare Winningham (who was last seen floundering in the water at the end of season one, episode 10) and is instead a new character who immediately begins to behave as if she is Not Who She Seems. Julia performs some unconvincing CPR on her, and then is joined by a Dark and Handsome Man Who Is Also Not Who He Seems. He performs slightly more convincing CPR and the Mysterious Girl is saved.

Under the Dome - Complete Season 1

That'd be a pretty short story, I'd think! (Either: everyone kills everyone else in a desperate grab for resources; or: the workers kill the capitalists and work together, and it's no longer "capitalism under the dome".)

Everyone always thinks the former, although I would say it is representative of the bourgeois view. The latter is correct, although I would say how they get to the point where it's no longer "capitalism under the dome" can be interesting. The actors: the state, the capitalist class within which competition still exists (the basic laws of capital continues to operate regardless of the circumstances), and then you have the working class. And the story basically looks at how the working class deals with the situation; where at one end, they are just a class-in-itself, competing among themselves for jobs, and sometimes embracing reactionary ends like taking up arms for renegade capitalists, fighting and looting each other. And then at the other end, they unite and become a class-for-itself, abolish capital and the state, and share the limited resources they have left under the dome. And they live happily ever after. The End! :)

Here's the first part of a story about capitalism under the dome, written as a comedy sketch. The next part will follow in a few days or so, when I've written it, assuming anyone is interested. There will probably be three or four parts. In my head it is performed by The Kids in the Hall (search youtube if you don't know what that means).

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the dome performance level is via a 53-step staircase. Mount Wilson Observatory is a mile high in elevation so the air is noticeably thinner. There is no ADA-compliant access. Children under age 12 are not permitted.

And if she does get out, maybe she'll get to touch the dome. At the recent Wilmington premiere at Thalian Hall, Robertson revealed that more than halfway through the 13-episode season, she was still one of the few regular cast members yet to interact directly with the all-important plot device.


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