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Crystal Fantasy Pc Game 32 =LINK=

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Crystal Fantasy Pc Game 32

Crystals (クリスタル, Kurisutaru?), also called orbs and spheres, are legendary and often elemental objects that have appeared in every game in the main Final Fantasy series. Even in games where they are not a central plot point, there has been at least some reference to them. Crystals often have power over natural phenomena, and function as a powerful source of magical energy. Many antagonists focus their efforts on seizing the crystals to gain power towards their goal.

The original set up was to have four elemental crystals: a Water Crystal, a Fire Crystal, a Wind Crystal, and an Earth Crystal. On occasion crystals may be aligned with Darkness. Crystals are often found in crystal rooms in early games. The crystals are often treasured for their power and many myths and legends surround the true extent of their abilities. Uncovering the truth of these myths and their meaning is a typical part of a Final Fantasy game.

The concept of the four elemental crystals that sustain the world likely derives from the Japanese five elements philosophy. These five elements are, in ascending order of power: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. The element of Void is not represented as a crystal, but may have taken the form of The Void, a dimension that connects the different Final Fantasy worlds.

The concept of four elemental crystals that sustain the world was largely phased out since Final Fantasy V, with crystals gaining more varied roles. Crystals remain as a source of life energy in some way, and often act as a source of magic, sometimes powering airships and other apparatus. Crystals contain within themselves both light and dark in that they have been used for both good and evil purposes. Summoned monsters are often bound to a crystal, and the one possessing the crystal shard becomes able to summon the creature. The power of the crystal is often to transcend space and time and life and death, even allowing travel to other eras, worlds and dimensions.

The crystal can be sentient and communicate with a chosen party, often via a mental link. Crystals choosing the player party as the "Warriors of Light" is a recurring theme in the early series, where the crystal, sensing the world is in danger, tasks a band of warriors with the mission of saving it. The crystal lends the group its powers, often resulting in the party becoming able to use magic and other special abilities.

The Warriors of Light begin in possession of four elemental crystals, and each of the Four Fiends guards a larger, power-drained crystal of his or her own element, which the Warriors restore after defeating the Fiend. Garland possesses a fifth "Dark Crystal", though its significance is not elaborated upon. When the Warriors of Light restore the light to the four crystals, they channel their energy into the fifth crystal, allowing them to travel to the past to break the time loop.

When examined, the four blue crystals boost a specific stat of a random party member (including Ricard) by 10. If the randomized party member has maxed out in the stat, then nothing will happen. In the bottom-left is the crystal of power, which increases Strength. The top-left is the crystal of spirit, which increases Spirit. The top-right is the crystal of intelligence, which increase Intelligence. The bottom-right is the crystal of speed, which increases Agility. In the Origins version, the Memo File and soft reset features allow a player to control who gets the stat gains by resetting until it chooses the desired character.

There are eight crystals scattered across the world. Four exist on the Light World, and four are found in the World of Darkness. Xande is trying to drain them of their power to create an imbalance between light and darkness. He drains the crystals on the surface world, covering it in darkness and freezing time, but is unable to drain the ones on the floating continent. Eventually, the forces of darkness drain the other two crystals, creating an imbalance that summons the Cloud of Darkness. The Wind Crystal chooses four children to go out and restore the balance, and give the crystals back their power.

After the four youths find each crystal, they are given new job classes. Once the youths are given the powers of the four crystals of light, they enter the World of Darkness and must defeat the four guardians of the dark crystals to obtain the aid of the Warriors of the Dark. They use the four crystals of darkness to make the Cloud of Darkness vulnerable.

Another crystal is found in Goldor Manor, but it is a crystal made of pure gold as with everything Goldor owns. The Warriors of the Light initially suspect the gold crystal is the Earth Crystal, but are mistaken, and the gold crystal has no special powers.

The Crystal of Flight rests within the Lunar Whale, and is used to transport the heroes to the Moon and back. The Elder of Mysidia implies that crystals power the Lunar Whale, and in the 3D remake release several crystals are embedded in parts of the airship.

Three crystals make an appearance, silently shedding their light within their chambers. The three crystals are the Fire Crystal in Damcyan, the Wind Crystal of Fabul, and the Dark Crystal inside the Sealed Cave.

The Mysterious Girl and Kain? band to collect the eight crystals of the Blue Planet, all of which have returned to their original resting spots since Zeromus was defeated. The girl returns to the Red Moon and drains the power of their crystals, shattering them.

In the depths of the True Moon, numerous crystals appear and shatter, reviving various bosses from Final Fantasy IV to attack the party as they travel deeper into the moon's surface. In the final chambers the party recovers the eight crystals of the Blue Planet, and in the final battle with the Creator, they are used to render him vulnerable to the party's attacks.

Four crystals control the elements in Bartz's world, and without them, the wind would not blow, the oceans would dry up, the fire would burn out, and the life of the earth would be destroyed. The Wind Crystal is kept in the Wind Shrine maintained by Tycoon. The Water Crystal is kept in the Walse Tower and maintained by Walse. The Fire Crystal is kept in Karnak and the Earth Crystal is located in the Ronka Ruins. Thirty years ago the Warriors of Dawn used the power of the crystals to seal the malevolent warlock Exdeath within a cave where the power of the four crystals gathered.

Cid Previa invented a machine to amplify the crystals' output, but if the crystals were allowed to operate at this capacity, they would shatter. Cid regrets creating the machine. Exdeath tries to shatter the Crystals himself to be freed by using his spirit to possess others to accomplish the deed. As the Wind Crystal shatters, it brands the four who had arrived at its shrine trying to save it as the Warriors of Light, tasked with protecting the crystals and thus, the world. Despite their efforts, the crystals shatter one by one, each shard becoming the source for a new job class for the Light Warriors as the crystals will to bestow their power to the four so they could vanquish Exdeath.

After the crystals are gone, Galuf Halm Baldesion, one of the Light Warriors, returns to his world on a meteorite. It is revealed there exists a parallel world from where Exdeath originally emerged, and the Dawn Warriors had sealed him into the other world to protect their own. After Exdeath was freed when the crystals shattered, he fled back to his own world and Galuf and the others follow suit, ready to continue the battle.

They find Galuf's world's crystals guarding the Great Forest of Moore, but are tricked by Exdeath into breaking their seals and he absconds with them. Galuf perishes in the battle against Exdeath and his role as a Light Warrior is taken up by his granddaughter Krile Mayer Baldesion. The Light Warriors infiltrate Castle Exdeath, but Exdeath destroys the crystals and the Light Warriors mysteriously find themselves in a new, merged world.

It becomes apparent that both worlds were once one, known as the Planet R. A thousand years ago a sorcerer named Enuo had tried to destroy the world with the power of the Void. a mysterious pure energy, and the world's crystals had been split to seal the entrance to the Void between the worlds. When the crystals that sustained the world were split, the world itself was split in two, but after Exdeath had the crystals of both worlds destroyed, the worlds merged once again. The portal to the Interdimensional Rift manifests as a result and Exdeath enters it, gaining the ability to field the power of the Void.

The Light Warriors follow Exdeath to the Rift and defeat him despite him being transformed by the Void into Neo Exdeath, a being that seeks world destruction. Left hovering in the Void in the battle's aftermath, the Light Warriors learn that the crystals that sustain their world were once born from the Void, creating life. The crystals are reborn with the power of the two generations of Warriors of Dawn, regenerating the world. The Void disappears, and the Light Warriors return to their realm. The four rendezvous a year later, and decide to continue protecting the crystals, and thus the world, together.

Ra Devil's forces have stolen the crystals of Earth, Fire, and Water. Sensing something is amiss, Linaly's grandfather sends her to check on the Wind Crystal. The spirit of Mid Previa had been residing in this crystal, and uses Linaly's body to hide the crystal from Ra Devil's forces.

When an esper dies, its remains crystallize into magicite that appear as glowing shards of green crystal. In contrast to magic extracted from live espers via magitek, magic can be taught naturally and at a much higher potency using magicite. 350c69d7ab


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