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Serial Number Virtual Dj Le Mixt

Second and third prizes, a Jubilee Edition U 87 Ai stereo set withsequential serial numbers and a stereo set of the award-winning TLM 103studio microphone, respectively, went, respectively, to Andreas Lassakand Christian Eller, both from Germany. Continuing the 75th anniversarytheme, prizes including T-shirts, posters and a few surprises wereawarded to the top 75 contestants. All participants were additionallyentered into a drawing, with each of the three winners receiving anaward-winning KMS 105 vocal mic.

Serial Number Virtual Dj Le Mixt

In diagnostics, visualizing ocular imaging data, such as optical coherence tomography, fundus photography, and angiography in virtual reality and augmented reality can reveal important intraocular spatial relationships [119,120] and allow for interactive exploration of imaging data to aid education, understanding of diseases, clinical assessment, and therapy. These studies [119,120] demonstrated proof-of-concept, but more studies are needed to evaluate their efficacy and accuracy for clinical use. Extended reality applications also demonstrated validity evidence and feasibility in objectively assessing functional limitation and driving performance of glaucoma and hemianopic patients. The scope of their application, however, is currently limited by the small number of studies and low number of sources of validity evidence. While extended reality was able to simulate the visual environment, it was unable to account for nonvisual cues, such as sound and touch, that patients with ophthalmic disease might rely upon in daily function.


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