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Dave - We're All Alone In This

Dave utilizes a football move to explain his creative process, with a clever past/pass play on words to boot. Much like a footballer strategically kicking a through ball, the weight of his emotions drive him forward and help him connect with others. He hopes listeners meet him where he places it, encouraging them that even though the weight of the world can make us feel alone, we are all in this together.

Dave - We're All Alone In This

We've maintained totally free domestic shipping since we opened in 2018 and have no plans of changing it. However, please bear in mind that, something that comes hand in hand with this is an expectation of patience - we're not talking drop shipping from overseas levels, just that, depending on when and what exactly you're ordering, items may take around a week (give or take) to get to you. It differs a lot depending on the product as for example, posters are dispatched the following business day whilst embroidered clothing is sorted in weekly batches + dispatched on a Friday. 041b061a72


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