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American Audio Vms4 Driver Download [CRACKED]

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American Audio Vms4 Driver Download

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Before I get into the software, remember that as a controller, it's just an agnostic control surface. The knobs and buttons can mean whatever you want them to; you're not bound to use them as labeled. This means that you can use the VMS4 with any MIDI-speaking software (not just DJ software) to control whatever you like. Think live remixing or audio/video time line editing and you can start to see the possibilities. American Audio (and the DJs that promote the VMS4) are quick to point out that the VMS4 is skin-able: you can order different and even custom faces from StyleFlip to suit your particular needs and taste and thereby even label the controls however you like. The VMS4 ships with two-deck VirtualDJ 6.1 LE software for Mac OSX and Windows XP and up. I ran into some snags trying to get it to work, though: VirtualDJ on my old XP Home laptop kept crashing on start-up when it tried to use the VMS4's ASIO sound interface, and the Event Log offered no clues. So I tried my 64-bit Windows XP Professional workstation. VDJ installed and ran fine enough, but now the VMS4 wasn't showing up in the ASIO driver settings. (Apparently I'm not alone on this as there's a post on the ADJ support forums about the issue with no official response as of this writing.) The bundled version of VDJ requires ASIO for the VMS4, and refuses to start without it, so that was a no-go. (American Audio's technical support said to make sure to download the ASIO driver specifically for 64-bit Windows, which I did, but it didn't act any differently and didn't solve the problem.) So I tried on my wife's new 64-bit Windows 7 laptop. "What are you doing with my new laptop?!" "Pressing it into temporary service in the DJ Army, ma'am!" "Just don't break it!" I installed the ASIO driver, then the VDJ software, then plugged in the controller and waited for Windows to find and install all of the sub-devices that make up the VMS4, about 30 seconds. No problem there. I opened the ASIO Settings application and the VMS4 was listed. Check. So I held my breath and started VirtualDJ... oop, had to enter the serial number. Did that, held my breath again and clicked OK, and this time it started without a problem. Breathed a sigh of relief. (For balance, I installed VDJ on my Mac and the VMS4 performed flawlessly The bundled version of VirtualDJ, upon seeing the VMS4 attached, switches into a VMS4-specific mode which automatically uses the unit's audio outputs (no audio configuration is even possible in this mode) and changes its appearance to that of an on-screen VMS4, with all controls ready to go. You can't ask for an easier setup process than that. Plug-and-play at its best. The controls all do as they're labeled on the VMS4's face (except that VDJ uses only 4 hot cues, not 8 as labeled on the face plate) and VirtualDJ does everything beat-aligned by default, so it's easy to just start it up and make a good sounding mix with tasteful use of loops, loop rolls (using the /2 and *2 buttons,) hot cues, effects and samples, provided the BPM detection works correctly. The software comes with a few decent effects and samples (including the obligatory air-raid siren) and the sampler will even match its tempo to the deck you're currently manipulating & follow your pitch slider movements. Having everything beat-aligned can be a problem, however, if the BPM detection is wrong, and it was for me even on many typical 4-on-the-floor commercial dance music tracks. (It seemed to be slightly too low and never got the correct downbeat.) So the beat-timed effects were slightly too slow, smart loops were slightly too long (I had much better success turning off the smarts & setting them myself,) and every time I triggered a beat-aligned looped sample, it was always slightly skewed and I found myself frantically looking for a "sample nudge" dial that isn't there. (The situation didn't improve with a sample I recorded myself either.) I did discover that if I started a looped sample while playing a loop I manually aligned to the real beat,) the sampler would repeatedly crop as needed to try to stay in time, which is a nice touch but of course no substitute for rock-solid BPM detection. Scratching performance with the VMS4 in VirtualDJ is good for most uses, but it didn't handle scribbling the best (the track drifted quite a bit when I went really fast.) It does have a nifty backspin effect though in that you can fling the wheel and the track will keep going backwards with the wheel despite lifting your hand, and when the wheel stops, the track resumes its normal forward speed.

Pros: - Mix-and-match analog and computer sources individually - All controls can be MIDI-mapped - Class-compliant audio and MIDI (Plug-and-play, no special drivers required) - Sturdy construction - Good-feeling controls & wheels - LOUD headphone preamp - Bonehead-easy bundled software setup (when it works) - Choice of using with 2-deck vinyl control or 4-deck software

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