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Remember Our Summer (Violin Remix) Tik Tok Song _HOT_

A seven-year-old boy named Tariq talking about how much he loves corn became the soundtrack of the summer when his words were turned into a musical remix by a band called The Gregory Brothers, who specialize in comedy music.

Remember Our Summer (Violin Remix) | Tik Tok Song

Lizzo's "About Damn Time" was a strong contender for song of the summer. The upbeat track took off on TikTok thanks to its infectious beat and a fun dance created by @jaedengomezz(Opens in a new tab). "About Damn Time" has been used in a whopping 3 million videos since its release in April.

This wasn't a song until TikTok made it one. The "my money don't jiggle jiggle" audio is an Autotuned snippet of British American journalist Louis Theroux on Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg. In the original Chicken Shop Date clip he's remembering a rap he wrote for an episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends in 2000. Music producers @dukeandjones(Opens in a new tab) got a hold of the clip of Theroux and leveled it up by adding Autotune and backing music as part of their "Adding auto tune to random videos" series on TikTok. 041b061a72


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