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The significance and origins of Couple Sets wedding rings: the history and customs of this symbol of love and commitment

Old-fashioned symbols of love and commitment to the future, rings used for marriage proposals weren't always as we now know them. They have changed over the years.

The wedding ring, like the engagement ring, is a symbol of eternal love and commitment which marks the union of the bride and groom in their wedding ceremony. The ring, which is traditionally worn on the left ring finger is a constant reminder of the vows and promises made. Where does this tradition originate from? And what exactly is the significance of wedding rings?

The history behind wedding rings

The reed of the past of Egypt

The wedding ring's history goes back to ancient Egypt in which they were considered an oath of eternality due to their shape as a circle, which is not a closed circle. The Egyptians created rings from weaving reeds, rushes and reeds. Like us, they positioned the ring in the ring finger of the left hand since they believed that a vein named "vena Amoris" (vein for love) was directly connected to their heart.

Iron during ancient Rome

The Romans also adopted the custom of the wedding ring... however, it was made of metal, in order to mark marriages. Iron was used to make wedding rings, which symbolized the strength and durability of the marriage. Rings were used as a way to show the love and friendship of the couple.

Wedding ring customs throughout the centuries

What alliance did gold silver, and bronze symbolize and for whom?

In the Middle Ages, wedding rings were often decorated with precious stones and engravings. Wedding rings made of gold were reserved only for the most wealthy families. The middle class wore bronze or silver rings.

Renaissance design

The Renaissance saw the emergence of new designs and shapes for wedding rings. The rings were typically decorated with intricate designs and precious stones. Diamonds are often set in wedding rings to signify the purity and eternal love.

The 20th century was a period of modernity

White gold and platinum wedding bands gained popularity in the 20th century. The designs became simpler and cleaner to reflect the modernist fashions of the time. Engagement rings with solitaire diamonds too have gained popularity.

Current wedding ring traditions

Today, wedding rings are available in a variety of styles and metals. Precious metals such as gold silver and platinum are the most common, but titanium, tungsten and ceramic wedding rings are also available. Simple rings are available in a variety with intricate patterns and gemstones. Certain traditions, like exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony, and placing the ring on the left ring finger.

The history and traditions of wedding rings are diverse and rich and reflect the evolution of customs and beliefs through time. Wedding rings symbolize the bond of love, commitment and fidelity between two individuals and are a crucial part of the ceremony. Look up ABC Salles for the best room rental rates in your region to celebrate your love and locate the perfect space to hold your wedding.


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