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Where Can I Buy A Printer For My Iphone !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Connect a supported printer to the Square Point of Sale app on your compatible iPhone or iPod Touch. If you have any connectivity issues after following the steps below, learn how to troubleshoot your printer. Once your receipt printer is connected, learn more about printing receipts and order tickets.

where can i buy a printer for my iphone

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With smartphones and tablets becoming more commonplace and affordable, many businesses are opting to switch to products such as iPads and iPhones for their day-to-day computing needs. One concern about utilizing iPhones and tablets in the workplace has been their printing capabilities -- or lack thereof. Not to be outdone by competitors, Apple has created a list of printers capable of printing from iPhones and iPads using Apple's AirPrint technology.

Before trying to print to a printer using AirPrint, each of your devices must be upgraded to the most recent version of iOS. You will also need an AirPrint-enabled printer that is connected to your company's wireless router. Additionally, your iPhone must be connected to the same wireless network as your printer, as opposed to your cellular provider's mobile Wi-Fi service.

Apple's Online Store and the company's retail locations offer a variety of AirPrint-enabled printers for sale. Like many retail outlets, Apple does not stock every available printer on the market, so you may be able to find a better deal by looking at other major retailers or by ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Brother has several printers that are compatible with the iPhone's AirPrint technology. These printers include models: DCP-J525N, DCP-J525W, DCP-J725DW, DCP-J725N, DCP-J925DW, DCP-J925N, DCP-8110DN, DCP-8150DN, DCP-8155DN, HL-5450DN, HL-5470DW, HL-6180DW, MFC-J280W, MFC-J425W, MFC-J430W, MFC-J432W, MFC-J435W, MFC-J4510DW, MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J825DW, MFC-J825N, MFC-J835DW, MFC-J955DN, MFC-J955DWN, MFC-8510DN, MFC-8515DN, MFC-8520DN, MFC-8910DN and MFC-8950DW.

The Lexmark family of printers offers several options to choose from, ranging in price and functionality. The following Lexmark printers are equipped with AirPrint technology: Lexmark C734, C736, C746, C748, C792, C925, C950, E460, E462, OfficeEdge Pro4000, OfficeEdge Pro4000c, OfficeEdge Pro5500, OfficeEdge Pro5500t, Pro715, Pro915, S315, S415, S515, T650, T652, T654, W850, X460, X463, X464, X466, X548, X652, X654, X656, X658, X734, X736, X738, X748, X792, X860, X862, X864, X925, X950, X952 and the X954.

As of the date of publication, Dell has four printers capable of printing from your iPhone -- the Dell B1260dn, B1265dnf, V525w and V725w. Lenovo's three AirPrint-enabled printers include the Lenovo LJ3700DN, LJ3800DN and LJ3800DW. Finally, a total of six printers by Samsung are capable of printing from your iPhone -- the ML-1865W, ML-1865WK, ML-1866W, SCX-3205W, SCX-3205WK and SCX-3206W printers.

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way people store their most essential personal items. Many people today keep the majority of their photographs on mobile devices, stored either in their photo library or collected on apps like Instagram. Necessary documents can go with you anywhere, anytime, thanks to cloud data storage, which makes quickly accessing relevant documents from anywhere quick and easy. Nowadays, if you can access WiFi or a strong 4G signal, you can be instantly transported to your office from anywhere in the world.

HP printers come with proprietary software designed to connect any mobile device to your printer effortlessly. The setup process is straight forward as well, as is outlined in this convenient setup walkthrough tutorial:

Brother offers several options for direct-to-mobile printing, depending on which device you choose to connect. Depending on which mobile device you choose to connect to your printer, several apps and software connections are available for free (a full list for each mobile device brand is available on the brother website here). Most new Brother printers feature pre-installed AirPrint and Google Drive Print software, which accesses the printer via shared network access.

Hi Alan, you might try downloading a photo editing app to your Android that can combine multiple photos into a collage format, then save the collage to your phone and send it to your printer. Hope this helps!

As long as your HP printer and your iphone are on the same wireless network you should be able to print from your iPhone without worrying about Bluetooth. You can also download the HP smart app from the app store and try printing through that if you are having trouble printing directly from the phone.

If you want to print on your iPhone or iPad, it can be easier than you might think. The simplest way to print from an iPhone is by adding a printer with AirPrint, so you can print directly with a wireless connection.

Not all printers have the AirPrint feature, especially if they are a bit older. But if they have a wireless capability, you should still be able to print from it wirelessly - you'll just have to download your printer's app on the App Store.

To print from an iPhone or iPad with a printer that can't connect wirelessly, you'll have to use a piece of hardware as the go-between. You'll need a USB cable and a USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter that connects your iPhone to the USB cable.

Turn your tablet or smartphone into a powerful productivity tool. iPrint for iOS enables you to access files from Box, DropBox, EverNote, and Google Drive and print them from anywhere. You can also scan from a nearby Epson printer and email or share your files online.

Note: You need to be on the same network as your printer to assign an email address from the Epson iPrint app. Once you have assigned an email address to the printer, you can print remotely.

On the other hand, the cartridges tend to get jammed while printing. It is something you should be aware of before ordering the product. If you are looking for a fast and reliable printer, you might want to choose something else.

The small and compact design enables easy portability. The printer is pocket-sized. Its dimensions are 0.87 x 2.91 x 4.72 inches, and it weighs 0.4 pounds. It is small enough for you to easily carry it around in your daily life.

However, quality does come with a price. The cost of this printer is slightly more than the average iPhone printers out there. Also, it lacks flexibility, as it only offers one printing size for all images.

There is no need to use a cable to print since it connects via Bluetooth. All you have to do is pair it up with your phone and it prints your photos wirelessly. This printer also comes with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer companion app. You can link the HP Sprocket app with your social media accounts.

Are you in need of a real workhorse and not a fun toy? Then consider getting the Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. It is affordable and has a lot more options than other printers for iPhones.

This device boasts fully functioning menu buttons and can print in many different sizes. You could easily find a use for it in your office. Other printers have a limit of one print size. But this can produce 3.9 x 5.8, 2.1 x 3.4, 3.5 x 4.7, and 2.1 x 2.1-inch pictures.

It may not look as sleek as its counterparts. The size is quite bulky for an iPhone printer. And the design is not very different from a desktop printer. It also weighs 1.9 pounds, which can get heavy after a while. You also have to know that wireless printing can take longer than a minute. This is especially true if the connection is weak.

The print mode lets you edit and print photos in around 12 seconds. You can even pick a frame from a video. The fun mode allows you to connect with friends through their phones. The printer also comes with colorful picture frames and hanging clips. These might inspire you to decorate your room with your printed images.

But the technology comes with a price. Lifeprint Photos costs more than its competitors. And since it uses larger photo paper, it prints slower. Also, you cannot use the features of this printer without downloading the app.

The Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the printer is compatible with all smart devices. If you download the app that comes with the device, you can add filters to your images. You can also manually crop your picture. And you can manually adjust lighting and correct colors. Unfortunately, some reviewers say that the app is not working as consistently as expected.

Printers range in size and weight, and some are truly pocketable. In this case, look for the freedom of battery operation. Others are larger (but not the size of a standard desktop printer) and need power from a wall socket. Again, you choose according to how you want to use it.

We do not support connecting the printer to your personal hotspot as our printers are designed to work with routers only. If you do not have a router, then you can connect your phone to the printer by wireless direct.

HP printers refuse connection to a filtered hotspot/router. Apple does not allow iPhone hotspot settings to turn off filtering, nor does it allow hotspot settings to allow a specific printer's macaddress through the filter.

I just purchased a HP 3720 Deskjet printer and nowhere on the box or in the documents that were in the box there is a warning that only routers can be used and no hotspots as mentioned above by a HP employee! The excuse is that it is Apple that are causing this problem.

Speaking of displays, the 9015e has a much smaller one than those on the previous generation of HP printers. It still works fine, but the reduced real estate does make it harder to hit the smallest on-screen buttons, such as the gear icon that takes you to the settings menu. Be prepared for a few frustrating mis-taps.

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